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Sound Bath Therapy

Posted by at 2 June, 2009, 5:02 pm

Sound Bath Therapy at Chiva-Som

As human beings we are a complex species whose healthy functioning is determined by a wide range of influences of a physical, mental and spiritual nature. One of the most important elements of a full holistic philosophy towards wellbeing is a focus on monitoring and correcting the body’s auric vibrations through treatments such as Sound Bath Therapy.

Our bodies contain delicate frequencies that ideally work in balance and harmony, but when something goes wrong, possibly through physical or emotional stress, the frequencies become discordant – the vibrations of the body are out of tune or become blocked. When this happens the body slows its vibrations, which can affect cells and organs, and result in disease or illness.

Sound Bath Therapy can correct these issues through vibrational healing. It blends the curative power of crystals with soothing harp music played by therapist Danchai Chernprateep, to adjust and fine tune imbalances and free blockages.

The 75-minute session has many benefits. As well as promoting mental relaxation, increasing resistance to stress, and boosting energy levels, it alleviates psychosomatic pain, diminishes depression and improves digestion and natural cleansing.

Because it balances brain activity, it also sharpens mental clarity. Sound Bath Therapy is a tranquil, non-invasive way to re-balance the autonomic nervous system and restore the body to equilibrium. Please ask at reception for more details.

Holistic Health 

Holistic Health is a key component of Chiva-Som’s Health & Wellness concept. Holistic Health maintains a staff of doctors, nurses, naturopaths and therapists as well as specialist consultants, all of whom have a commitment to providing a holistic approach to your health needs. In this sense, Chiva-Som is one of the pioneers of integrative medicine and continues to develop this as a core function.

Chiva-Som is a luxury health resort, combining international standards with Thai hospitality to deliver personal wellness programmes in a non regimented way. Everything we do focuses on a holistic approach to health that incorporates mind, body and spirit.

Chiva-Som provides the support to guide everyone on a path to greater health and vitality.

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Before coming up to anything i would like  you to know that  I am just 21 year old and this is the first article  I am putting in here thinking that talking about what all  that’s  mulling over in  my mind right now might relieve my tension.

I have completed my graduation lately and now a big example of a tension is here .yesterday i had my entrance exam of postgraduation,though i studied hard still i have   no  hopes of getting in as the number of seats are really less.  I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about my admission ,my parents expectations ,everything striked my mind that ensnared me like an insect in a spider’s web. I  was upset and dejected on one thing that why it’s so hard these days to grab those stars . Hard  work doesn’t always pays you  off,this is something  I am starting to believe now.

But in the mornig when i woke up just for a second  I took myself away from such tensions and career problems and recalled about my hobbies and things that I wanted   to do in my life, and believe me  I  found that I had so many things to do that  I  had somehow forgotten in an urge of getting my goals and cracking exams.

Its just a simple realisation that we need ,once its placed in mind then it makes anyone to run out of frustation.

I am too young to realise all this but atleast putting a habit from now   will make me capable of dealing with such mammoth problems. I don’t know that in next few years what  I am going to be but one thing is there i want to keep in mind that will satisfy me all my life that slogging for projects  and promotions , studies arn’t everything and its never sure to have succeeded  in every uphill task. its just about accepting the failure and working  on it for a long term success.

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Vision Mapping for Effortless Lifestyle Balancing

Posted by at 1 June, 2009, 11:22 pm

Most of us long for the effortless lifestyle, where we get up in the morning and our life is mapped out and the day just automatically flows with that map being followed. Most of us tend to live the fast paced lifestyle which can resemble a roller coaster ride with many highs and lows throughout the day. Today we are facing not only the adjusting and re-adjusting of our own personal life, but the energy adjusting of the world which is becoming a global situation of its adjusting and readjusting. We are all facing things that we have never had to experience before, much of our experiences are new and we are learning to function in areas we have no experience in and to do things that don’t come to us naturally. What exactly would it take for us to live an effortless lifestyle, what would it look like and what would it feel like? These are very good questions and of course there isn’t one exact answer to any of these questions as each of us are unique and have unique situations, but I can give you some general ideas that could generally apply to everyone. ” Create and maintain a daily morning exercise that centers you, could be yoga, gi gong, meditation, vision map video, walking, exercise ” Make a grateful list ” Practice positive talking and conversations, talk only about positive things ” Find time to play every day, this can include something creative, writing, singing, laughing, skipping, playing with the kids, walk on the beach, read a daily joke online; anything that will make you laugh and your heart sing. ” No matter what happens find the good in it as soon as possible ” Create and maintain a daily evening wind down routine prior to bedtime, includes watching your vision map video Some of these things may seem very simple and insignificant; and others may be really very hard to do, but once you get in the daily habit of practicing them you will find your life has that tone of effortless and you will find much more joy. There are many emotional hurdles for all of us, it is not the hurdles that bog us down it is how we handle them and move past them. Effortless lifestyle is developing and practicing our inner life and using quick and easy tools that give us fast results. Most of these tools can be done anywhere and at any time, they are quick, easy and simple. Whether we realize it or not many of us are addicted to struggling and go from one crisis to another, not even knowing that is what we are doing, it is just so automatic that it feels almost normal. We feel that it is a struggle for happiness, a healthy lifestyle and a being able to find our purpose. So many of us feel we are sort of fighting this battle on all levels, it can be physical, mental, emotional, social and even spiritual. There is that old saying of there has to be more to life than this, and there truly is; all that needs to be done is just some simple and easy exercises that create an effortless lifestyle balance.

Darlene Siddons is the producer of Vision Map Videos for personal empowerment and business promotion, Darlene’s mission is to encourage individuals to find and maintain their inner balance and to bring prosperity into their life. Find samples and how to order at <a rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank” href=”” target=”_new”>Spirited Boutique

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