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Why Start Ups are a Great Source of New Business

Posted by at 24 August, 2009, 7:31 pm

New business start ups are a valuable market segment for suppliers of an extremely wide range of goods and services. Start ups can be easier and more profitable to sell to, more loyal, and spend more.

New start-up businesses are a constant feature of the business landscape. There will always be entrepreneurs willing to go it alone and launch their own business, in order to find greater independence job satisfaction, increase personal wealth and build a more secure longer term future.

But starting a business isn’t just of benefit to entrepreneurs. Start ups also represent a valuable market segment for suppliers of an extremely wide range of goods and services. Start ups can be easier and therefore more profitable to sell to, more loyal in the longer term, and spend more on their initial orders.

Far from being overlooked, there are a number of significant reasons why you should be looking to target start up businesses as part of your B2B sales and marketing strategy:

Start ups have a wide range of needs
When a new business starts up it usually needs to source practically everything from scratch. Their needs are wide ranging including everything from recruitment and financial advice to office furniture, IT, marketing and printing. Often their initial purchases in these areas are likely to be far greater than when the businesses are more established and mature.

Start ups are a growing market, even in a recession
Despite recent economic uncertainties, the rates at which new businesses are started seem to be unaffected. In fact new business start up rates seem impervious to economic woes and even go up in troubled times. This can be because people lose their jobs and look to self employment for a new career, or partners who haven’t worked start their own business to bring additional income into the household. So start up businesses can represent one of the few vibrant and growing sectors of the economy.

Start ups are ready to buy now
New businesses are in a position to make buying decisions far faster, because they need to get trading as quickly possible. This can make your sales effort far easier, making your sales more profitable. It’s also easier to get a foot in the door as start ups are more receptive than mature businesses which may have a well established supplier base.

Start ups can help you increase market share
Getting your products or services sold into businesses when they first start up can really help you steal a march on your competitors. In fact if you act quickly you can become supplier to a new business before your competitors even know they exist. If you operate in a specific industry sector, new entrants are often the lifeblood of that sector, and exploiting them can help you increase your market share

Start ups make loyal long term customers
New business owners often need a little extra help, guidance and advice from their suppliers. If you can provide this support alongside your products or services, you’ll build potential long term customers for your business who are far less likely to defect to your competitors.

In summary, if your company is looking to source new customers — as most businesses always are — then you should make sure that you include targeting new business start ups from your local area, region or industry vertical as part of your sales and marketing strategy.

Steve Sellwood is from Selectabase, providers of the Startupsplus marketing leads service which provide monthly lists of new business stat ups in a specific postcode area or industry sector. For more information visit or call 01304 382211.

Source:Why Start Ups are a Great Source of New Business

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Title: The Little Known Attraction Secret That Is Often Overlooked

Posted by at 3 August, 2009, 2:56 am

Title: The Little Known Attraction Secret That Is Often Overlooked

Author: Cucan Pemo

To attract your highest and best mate, you have to learn how to
become what he/she wishes to become.

Do not get me wrong. I’m not telling you to change your
personality and become a person you are not supposed to be!

There is a certain universal truth about attraction. Think
about it, WE, all of us, are naturally attracted towards people
who possess a vibrant, healthy, strong self image. They need not
have to ask for it; we naturally find ourselves gravitated
towards them.

We are drawn to those and those are drawn to us who support
each others dreams, dharma and soul expression.

Its is as 2 trees living side by side nurturing and supporting
each other to be all that they can be.

Two are growing and moving through life together however there
is enough space and love for each to be their own full
expression of their Soul.

When I was younger, I once met a man who had a passion for tree
climbing. He was so good at it; I was always looking at him in
awe as he climbed the trees with superb ease and speed.

I took a liking to him instantly; and was attracted towards
him. We had a good time together, with him always talking about
this favorite past time of his. However, our relationship didn’t
last long after he was being posted overseas by his company.

I was quite young then. Being a passionate student of human
nature, I was always thinking how and why I was attracted to him.

I realized it now, that it was his positive energy and the
strong, healthy and vibrant self image he had about himself that
had attracted me towards him.

You can never go wrong with certain things in life. If you
possess a vibrant, healthy, cheery image and have that type of
energy radiating from you, you become an instant human magnet!

This friend of mine had suffered from previous bad
relationships before he got to know me; and instead of letting
those bad relationships pull him down, he managed to transfer
and channel all those negative energies towards tree climbing;
and he trained himself to become an elite, one of the fastest
tree climber that I’ve known of.

It’s not what happens to you in life its how you deal with what
happens. You can use the energy to implode on yourself and bring
your mood, self esteem and love of relationship and life down
into the ground. Or you can understand the bigger picture of
life and use these events and situations as a springboard to
climb to higher heights.

We love to be near someone who is cheery and possesses honest
enthusiasm about life. Relationship is always a constant
exchange of energy. If someone has a higher vibrational energy
than us, we’ll find ourselves wanting to go near that person.
This is why exercising is so important. Keeping yourself fit and
healthy and using the techniques of the universal laws as taught
in our system, you will be able to attract and find your highest
and best partner.

Love is an Expanding Energy. Those who give out energy get much
back. Give to all freely. Have a love and positive expression
towards everyone. Accept and Love your situation and if it’s not
your cup of tea then take the energy and go for more.

Your job is to “Create the Dreams of Soul” and make them real
in your life. With the right mindset and system this is very
easy and effortless.

So, starting from today, begin to think about how you can
increase and develop your internal energy to a higher level.

Charisma is just and expansion and expression of energy. It’s
just a decision to be loving and giving freely.

When you give love and life to all that you meet those who are
highest and best for you will read your vibration and return to
you in an ever exchanging expansion of energy.

A Soul Based Relationship is like an Evergreen growing and
expanding in all directions. It grows taller, wider and the
roots every year get deeper and clearer. A Soulmate Relationship
is an expanding expression of love and fun, forever. It’s a joy
to behold and everyone can experience this in his or her

We are designed to be with the one who loves us for who we are
and the Vision we are unfolding.

I had explored and gone through a lot of systems out there, and
those which you’ll be learning in our manual are some of the
very best! Try them if you haven’t done so! Of course, you can
explore a lot of other systems and methods, but, instead of
wasting time going through all the clutter, why not stop
“looking” and start “doing”!

Always remember you can only taste success when you decide to
stop getting ready to get ready! You can truly have the “Love
and Relationship of Your Dreams” All you need is the right
system and a little help from us. Thus, if you have not done so,
get a copy of the manual for yourself today, and learn how you
can attract your true love for life!

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About the author:
T ‘Dub’ authored a simple, down to earth step by step plan
called “The Magic Of Making Up”. And it worked like
magic for us. Now we are more in love than ever.

Breakthrough information will reveal to you how you can win
over the heart of the Man or Woman That You Want! Learn their
secrets, and how you could be one of them today! ==>

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Title: Unblock Your Blocked Energy

Posted by at 2 August, 2009, 2:08 am

Title: Unblock Your Blocked Energy – Unreleased Emotions Haunts, as
Energy Seeks Constant Flow-Part 2

Author: Pamela Skuse

To allow energy to flow in and out is to not become attached to
any one aspect of duality. Both masculine and feminine energies
complement each other. The balance of energy flow is to allow
both aspects of love and fear to enter your being. When you are
willing to dive within your feelings, to see what emotions are
floating about, you are able to discern and choose what energies
will serve you in an empowering way. When an energy blockage is
held within, it creates suffering whether it is emotional or
physical pain and you cannot breathe in your inner energy
balance to ignite your untapped and dormant potentials of self,
because nothing can come in when there is nothing going out. The
energies within you are already full and it is not the energy
that you want! There is no room for anything else to enter and
you stay in a stagnant rut, the swamps of despair.

To address your issues, problems and challenges can be broken
down into 4 main categories.

1. A Holding-On Dam 2. Negativity Blocks 3. Four Types of Flow
4. Unreleased Emotions Keep Haunting You

Let’s take a look at each individual category:

1. A Holding-On Dam – Your energy is like a dam that holds
water. In the physical body, the dam bank is your body – the
illness is the pain that is telling you the fears that need to
be released. Like any dammed energy, the body that is absorbing
continuous suppressed matter will eventually overflow, the dam
banks will burst to let the pressure out. You must release the
unwanted energy before the wanted energy can flow in and you
must allow everything to flow in and through you ie your fear
and love, because you know that all energy will come and go just
like the tide. ‘Energy is only energy – it is neutral until it
is activated’ – it cannot affect you until you activate it. It
is activated through you reacting to an issue or event or taking
on and buying into that energy, to own as your own and then to
act out that drama game. It will only affect you, if you allow
it and that is by giving away your power, it is to give your
consent, your permission to allow that fearful energy to affect
you. But understand that if you accept a drama game it is
feeding you and you are supported by dwelling upon that energy.
That active energy is the fuel, it is feeding your
consciousness, because there is a hidden belief or overlay that
allows all energies to support you with that condition. By
suppressing and holding onto the fear will develop into a tidal
wave within, thus creating an unbalanced ego-mind that needs a
life-jacket for its survival. The dualistic energy flow of both
good and bad, positive and negative, love and fear or hate etc
flow through the same door. They come down the same water

2. Negativity Blocks – Energy always seeks constant flow through
release. Energy is dynamic, it is always moving, flowing,
changing and it is magnetic and its vibration frequency is
expansive – so it can expand in consciousness and it does this
through acceptance then release. To accept all things as they
are, i.e., the pain and bliss from every experience for every
situation is a blessing, a gift and a learning experience that
develops wisdom and joy. Remember too that nothing stays the
same, the good and the bad. Holding energy, whether positive or
negative blocks the flow of energy, just like a dam or snags in
a creek and it stops the in-coming flow of new energy – it
creates a lack. This lack can be in any form from love, money,
time, happiness, comfort, success and health etc. You must face
all experiences to overcome and release them so that you are
able to accept and receive what you want. Like the flowing
stream, let go and flow with the process of life. It is your
choice whether you choose a negative or a positive desire or

3. Four Types of flow – Nature does have cycles, as there are
times when things flow in abundantly for a period of time and
then it may change to be slow for a period of time. Accept these
situations and know that nothing stays the same. Everything
changes. Be aware of the 4 types of flow – they are: I. Calm –
is when energy is equally flowing in and out II. Flow – is when
more energy is flowing in than out III. Ebb – is when more
energy if flowing out than in IV. Flat – is when energy is
stagnant and nothing is flowing in or out – all energy is still,
blocked, and stagnant because it is dammed up.

4. Unreleased Emotions Keep Haunting You – Suppressed and
unreleased emotions, the unfinished business issues will keep
blocking your energy flow. The pain relief drugs are just a
band-aid treatment and the emotional root cause will pop up
again and again until you take notice of it and resolve your
issue. It will repetitively come back until you become so
clogged that an illness will form to try to wake you up, stating
that there is an imbalance within your being. ‘All energy seeks
resolution’. Stuck energy keeps coming back, not to haunt you as
you might see it, but for you to free your old stuck wounds,
that old aspect of self and for you to release what you are
ignoring and hiding in your muddy dam. The dam bank of stagnant
water is the same as the functioning within your physical body.
It is the plumbing in your body, as the blocked energy in the
organs, muscles, tissues, cells and waste channels within your
body becomes the condition or ailment. The plumbing within your
body is filled with the grease of your fears, clogged up by the
smells of bad emotional and chemical toxins and if it cannot be
unblocked, it pressurizes itself to explode into an illness, to
enforce awareness that ruptures as a release.

All dualistic energies of fear and love flows through the same
door, so to avoid being stagnant and blocked, allow all energy
to flow in and through your being. It is to allow both aspects
of love and fear to enter your being. How do you do this? Be
willing to dig deep into your emotional waters, to suck up what
needs to be addressed and then have compassion to float through
your emotional waters. When you dive within to see what emotions
are floating about you are able to choose which ones will serve
and empower you. Once you have dug up and faced your fears and
emotional issues then discern what energy is not your conscious
truth or anything that will feed off you and drain your energy.
You can do this by allowing your un-needed and unwanted
emotional energy to flow in and through you by deep breathing in
your safe, now moment space.

About the author:
Pamela is a an Artist, a Metaphoric Allegory Story Writer, a
gardener and the founder and director of a new revolutionary 7
Colour Layer Formula found in the Self-Help Personal Development
Reviews to help to inspire and expand consciousness. These
reviews provide new insights, direction and empowerment and
“out-of-the-mind” perceptions to issues, personal or business at to discover new ‘out of the
box’ solutions.

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Title: Energy Body-What Depletes It?

Posted by at 1 August, 2009, 1:03 am

Title: Energy Body-What Depletes It?

Author: Glenda Feilen

Do you know you have a vibrational self? Only a few people know
that they have a part that runs on energy. It is one of the most
important parts of you in creating the world you want. After
reading this article, you will have a mental picture of your
energy body. It should be foremost in your mind as you think,
speak, and determine your momentary feelings.

The condition of your energy self, that is the vibrations it is
radiating, shapes your present moment as well as your future.
The fact is that you are a living, breathing magnet attracting
exactly what your energy self is radiating. Whatever you are
feeling, you are vibrating, and therefore attracting. Think of
everything in this universe as energy, because it is. The
universe is composed of pure energy. Energy vibrates at
different rates of speed and because of this it takes on
different consistencies. Physicists have proven that everything
in your world that appears solid is actually made up of swirling
molecules, which are vibrating at different frequencies and
molds them into their current forms. It can be solid like a
chair and vibrate very slowly. It can be a finer form of energy
like water which vibrates faster. It can be a much finer form of
energy such as light, which vibrates faster than you can even
imagine. Your own body therefore is energy. The electrons and
atoms in your body make waves of living energy which ripple and
spread themselves into patterns. Scientists have measured the
body’s vibrational frequency when people were at various
physical and emotional states. They found that the human body
becomes stronger or weaker depending on a person’s mental state.
The lowest vibration was shame, therefore when you have a
shameful thought you weaken yourself. The next is guilt, and
then apathy, grief, fear, anxiety, craving, anger, and hate.
Going up the scale to positive emotions, you have willingness,
optimism, acceptance, forgiveness, reason and understanding,
love and reverence, joy and serenity, peace and bliss, and

Physicists have also found that people actually have the ability
to control the frequency at which their bodies vibrate. Of
course they can! If people can control their thoughts, why
couldn’t they control the feelings behind those thoughts! You
have the ability and power within you to increase your
vibrational rate at any moment you choose.

You’re vibrational or energy self is housed within your physical
body and is closely related to it. Before an illness manifests
physically, those who can monitor the energy body find changes
and imbalances there first. You have major energy centers which
are located at specific points in your energy body. Because it
is the universal Law of Attraction that you magnetically attract
what you vibrate, you must first make sure that your energy
centers and cells are filled with light so that you are
vibrating at a rate of speed that will attract the things and
people you desire in your life. You can accomplish this by
breathing in white light. See white light coming into the top of
your head. Breathe in and feel the energy as you mentally visit
and infuse each energy center. As you fill your body with this
light, drop down to the next energy center and continue,
stopping at each one as you bathe it in the white energizing

You imagine all the time. Your imagination rules your world.
What you imagine is already real at the moment it is conceived,
so just go for it. Ok, begin. Breathe in white light. Feel it as
it infuses: • The top of the head • Forehead • The throat • The
heart • The abdominal/stomach area (behind the navel) • The
reproductive/genital area • The base of the spine • The last
step is to mentally send the white light up and down the spine
and see it emanate outward from the spine to all parts of your
body. This can take from a few seconds to several minutes.

Many things during the day deplete your energy; therefore it is
important to nourish your energy body at least every morning,
and often throughout the day if you are feeling down emotionally
or energetically depleted. After you’ve supplied your body with
this light energy on a regular basis for a short while, you will
be able to feel a difference in your energy level as surely as
you can feel a difference after you’ve had a nourishing physical
meal. When you infuse your energy centers with white light, you
will begin to feel younger and even look younger. You don’t age
as fast because cell tissues don’t break down as quickly. You
are more creative and spontaneous. You are healthier because you
are raising the vibration of every one of your other selves: the
physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual. What
Depletes Your Energy Body? Everything in the universe is energy.
You are an energy being. Because of this, it is important for
you to realize 1) where your energy is being depleted 2) what
you are personally plugging your energy into 3) how it is
currently affecting you and 4) how to keep your energy. If you
send your energy away from you in a way that depletes it, you
can actually end up with an energy deficit, which can be deadly,
literally! When this occurs, degenerative diseases, depression,
suicide, and such deathly situations can occur.

It is important to realize that your energy body is closely
connected to your physical body and has a great influence on it.
The speed at which you vibrate is determined by your feelings,
is also determined by the speed of those things into which you
plug your energy circuits, as well as the amount of energy you
simply give away or squander on unimportant things. The amount
of energy and the speed at which your energy is vibrating
determines the rate at which your physical cells can heal or the
rate at which they degenerate.

Your thoughts are accelerated forms of energy which directly
influence not only your energy body, but others’ energy bodies.
Negative thoughts vibrate at a slower rate of speed than
positive thoughts. Negative thoughts are heavier than positive
thoughts. People often say, “Lighten up,” when they see you are
depressed or feeling badly. When you have resolved a major
negative situation you feel like you’ve had a heavy load lifted
off you. On the other hand, positive thoughts are lighter and
vibrate at a much faster speed than negative ones. You feel
differently when you think of negative situations than when you
think of happy ones.

When you think about another person, your circuits are literally
touching circuits that connect with them. They do not have to be
thinking about you in return. You create the energy flow with
your thoughts. Picture in your mind how this works. When you
think of someone, you literally connect with them, and if you
could see your energy-filled self and theirs, you would see a
place where you were both connected. You send and transmit your
energy to that person and part of your energy self is becoming
part of theirs.

Words are powerful accelerated forms of energy and create
vibrations equivalent to what you are speaking. Depending upon
your thoughts and your words, you either give or receive
positive energy creating a healing, energizing effect with
circuitry benefiting both participants, or you connect your
circuits to places that drain you and them of energy and become
damaging leaks. What causes leaks? Worry causes leaks. Your
worrisome thinking physically drains you. It will connect you
with the related energy of the problem and out pours your
energy. Remember you only have so much! Not only does it cause
leaks, radiating worry vibrations can attract and create the
very thing you are worrying about. When your mind accesses the
concept of what you don’t want to happen, it sees the picture,
takes orders and creates it. My friend called me late one night
to tell me her mother had just caused an accident. I asked her
where her mother had been driving. She indicated that she wasn’t
driving at all, but was obsessing that her son, who hadn’t
arrived home when he should have, must be in an accident. She
continued to worry, explaining where it probably happened, and
literally creating it over and over again. My friend told me
that just before he arrived home, much later, the son was
involved in an auto accident. Thanks, mom!

Resentment, power struggles, and envy all cause leaks. Judging a
person causes leaks, lying causes leaks, criticism causes leaks,
being fearful of something causes leaks, burdensome thoughts
cause leaks. You’ve got the idea! Be careful! Don’t give your
energy away!

Every day and every minute, you need one hundred percent of your
energy. You need to be one hundred percent present every single
moment of the day in every situation. Have you ever met people
who act like they are not all there? They are stressed about
things in their past or future and they can’t get their thoughts
or acts together in the present. They seem scattered. They are!
Their energy is literally scattered and they don’t have enough
left to be present in their current daily lives. They have
energy being poured into a resentful situation that happened to
them as a child. They have energy draining into a power struggle
at work. They have energy draining into sibling rivalry. They
have energy draining into a non-harmonious romantic
relationship. They are prime candidates to become energetically
bankrupt—resulting in nervous breakdowns, depression, and
degeneration. This can occur to any person whose energy is not
sufficient to maintain his or her health because of the choice
to hold on to negative past or future situations or perhaps a
resentful childhood situation. This person could have, at
anytime since childhood, disconnected and stopped the energy
flow, but chose to hang onto it and become depleted
energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally, and
spiritually, because of it. This results in low vibrations, poor
health, and their past becomes their future.

When you wake up in the morning, you need a full body vibrating
with light and energy, but because of the things you have
energetically invested in you can end up with only sixty or
thirty percent of what you should have to function. Your cells
pay the price! Your health pays the price! Your relationships
pay the price! Your energy level pays the price! Your prosperity
pays the price! Your present moment pays the price! Your future
pays the price!

What are you investing in with your energy by means of your
thoughts, words, feelings, and actions? Picture your body with
energy flowing in through your head and millions of circuits
emanating from your body. Picture these energy circuits as cords
going to and from your body connecting other people and things.
That circuitry has been created by you and can be changed by you
at any time you choose.

From this moment on, think of yourself as energy being!
Automatically think about everything energetically! Make it a
habit. Ask yourself if what you are thinking about and the way
you feel about it, mentally and emotionally, make you stronger
energetically or deplete you and cause you to radiate and
attract low vibrations? You live life better when you are
conscious of your energy body. Your entire life will work better
when you come from this new point of view. Where you send your
mind and emotions is where you send a piece of yourself and
determines what you receive in return.

Evaluate your energy self and what you are currently connecting
with. If something disempowers you, unplug! Get out or it will
cost you! Literally visualize yourself unplugging and change
your thoughts and feelings to positive. At any minute you can
unplug your circuits and take your energy back. You now
understand that life doesn’t deal you a hand. You are creating
you, yourself, moment by moment, by that which you choose to
think about, speak about, and how you feel and vibrate about
these things.

There are actually people who are energy-suckers. They literally
drain your energy when you spend time with them. How do you know
who they are? You just know. After you speak with or spend time
with them for any length of time, you literally feel drained.
Stay away from these people. They get their energy by taking it
away from other people. They don’t have enough because they are
victims or have spent their energy unwisely.

Some groups of people actually lift you up and increase your
energy. In other groups, the interaction of the members is
draining. Eighty-six women with advanced breast cancer were
divided into two groups. One group received standard medical
care; the other received medical care and weekly group therapy
sessions. The women who received group therapy lived nearly
twice as long as those who received only medical care. To these
women, the group supplied energy. Evaluate how you feel after a
group interaction and you will know whether association with
these specific people is exhilarating or affecting you
negatively. What about Music? What about it? Music is one of
the most influential ways to create feelings. You can listen to
music that creates positive high vibrational feelings or listen
to music which blasts the energy out of your body and leaves you
drained and leaking. Music itself has a vibration that can be
measured. The words of music also play a major role in creating
the feelings associated with the music. If you listen to music
with words that scream of hatred, abuse, and bad things, then
you can only expect those things to come to you. If you listen
to music which speaks of love and happiness, you’ll receive the
same. Even if you are not consciously listening to the words,
your creative mind is.

There is something that no one else is sharing with you and it’s
about time it came out! The vibrational you is represented in
all three of your critical energy fields and if you are not
using the Law of Attraction in all three areas, you are giving
the universe mixed messages and are probably stuck on your road
to success. I call it the WOW factor. Within you: Putting the
Law of Attraction to work in your thoughts, feeling, words,
affirmations, and visualizations. On you: Dressing to match your
personal energy with the colors, fabrics, and clothing you wear.
What’s around you: The flow of energy that surrounds you, your
environment, influences you greatly.

You can learn to hold the vision and incorporate the habits that
allow you to radiate consistent energy from all three areas of
your energy field – and the good news is that it is fun.

About the author:
Glenda Feilen, author, speaker, and recognized authority on the
Law of Attraction, shares no-fail techniques to achieve
prosperity and success in her book, “Life is a Puzzle-Are All
Your Pieces In Place.”

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