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Calm Stress – Using Music to Effectively Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Posted by at 31 December, 2010, 6:40 pm

Most of us are familiar with the fact that music has an effect on our mood and feelings. It can allow us to relax or help us to come alive. Some people even find it hard to function without continuous background music. The great news is that music has been shown to effectively reduce stress and anxiety and can be of great help in relieving certain symptoms. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to reduce stress, then perhaps it’s time to try a regular dose of your favourite music. Read on to find out how music can help you reduce stress and anxiety.

Stress and anxiety are brought on by our perception of being in a situation where we are not able to cope effectively or where fear is involved. When our stress response is activated, it tends to raise the heart rate and release stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline into the body, which suppress the immune system and stimulate us to prepare for “fight or flight”. When stress happens on a regular basis, we will start to experience stress related problems such as heart disease, stomach and bowel disorders and reproductive problems.

Some people cope better with stress than others and this often depends upon your personality type and your perceptions and outlook in life – for example, whether you view certain situations as challenges or problems or how much support you receive from the people around you. Men tend to react more to stress factors more than women, although when women take on male roles, this difference is not so pronounced.

The good news is that music and music therapy have been shown to reduce the activation of these responses and calm our symptoms of stress. Tests in various clinical situations have consistently shown music to help patients face their fears and reduce their anxiety. In one test, when music was played before and during surgery, 93% of patients found it helpful in reducing stress. Studies have shown that music helps to lower blood pressure, reduce heart rate, and lower levels of stress hormones in addition to decreasing anxiety. In some studies, those with the highest levels of anxiety were found to benefit the most.

Of course the music that can help us to reduce stress is often subject to individual preference and specific situations. Our response may vary, depending upon volume, type of music, familiarity and current mood. Loud or fast music may have the effect of stimulating us rather than relaxing us. Generally the most relaxing music would be relatively slow with a repetitive rhythm and stable contours.

So, next time you start to feel stressed, why not sit back, relax and try listening to one of your favourite soothing tracks, to help relieve those symptoms? There is a weight of evidence to suggest that this should help you to feel better. And, if you find that it does help, be sure to incorporate music amongst your regular stress management strategies.

References: Stress reduction through music in patients undergoing cerebral angiography, 2000, Schneider, Schedlowski, Schurmeyer and Becker, Neuroradiology(200) 43:472-476. Relaxing music prevents stress-induced increases in subjective anxiety, systolic blood pressure, and heart rate in healthy males and females, Knight and Richard, 2001, Journal of Music Therapy XXXV111(4), 2001, 254-272.

Need help to fight stress and anxiety? Learn stress management strategies to help you live a more relaxed and peaceful life. Or find help to get calm with a music or meditation stress relief download.
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Anger Management Techniques: Top 7 for the Holidays

Posted by at 31 December, 2010, 3:22 am

Anger management techniques for the holidays? This is a time for relaxation and good cheer, an opportunity to share love with family and friends and to reflect upon the year past and the year to come. Making popcorn as the family gathers round to watch “Miracle on 34th Street” or “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. Decorating the tree with Bing Crosby singing in the background as the season’s first snow falls gently to the ground. Why would you need to learn anger management techniques?


The reality is that you’re probably finding yourself sitting in traffic as you go from store to store, fighting your way through the mobs while trying to find the perfect gift for Aunt Emily who you barely know since the only time you see her is at Christmas and just what do you get someone who is 94 years old and spends all her time watching “Murder She Wrote” reruns on the Hallmark channel?


When you finally do find the singing bass for Uncle Wally you get to wait endlessly in line wondering how in the world you are going to pay for all this and why is it so damn hard to find that one video game your kid wants?


There is probably no getting around all the stress that is associated with the holidays, but that doesn’t mean yours has to be miserable. Here are 7 tips to help:


Anger Management Technique #1: Tune into and catch your stress early. Most of you are so used to walking around feeling stressed out that you aren’t even aware of it building up inside of you. For many, it’s like a stair step approach where it keeps building and building until all of a sudden: KABLOOEY!


Try to tune into how stressed you are on a scale from one to ten. When you find yourself getting up to around a 4 or 5, take a break. Take a nap, get some exercise, go for a walk, take a bath, do something for at least half an hour.


Right around here is where people start telling me all the reasons this is impossible for them to do because of the kids or they have so much to do, etc…. Sorry, I don’t buy it. You will be more effective and get more done in a shorter period of time if you take the time off to take care of you. Slower is sometimes faster. Make the time to relax.


Anger Management Technique #2: Do things differently this year: Shop earlier. Get more family support. Take time off from work. Request more civil behavior from family members. More on this below.


Anger Management Technique #3: Try looking at things in a different light. Life really is the story we tell ourselves. That’s why one person can feel tremendous stress doing something while someone else can feel relaxed doing the same thing. Thing may be hard or there may be something you don’t particularly want to do but they are only perceived as stressful if that is how you see them.


Slow down, become aware of how you are thinking about things. Ask yourself what kind of mood this line of thinking is likely to put you in and if this is how you want to feel. If not ask yourself how you would rather feel and try to think of a different story to tell yourself that would make you feel this way.


This is another one of those things that people tell me is impossible. It’s not impossible, but it might be hard at first because the stories you tell yourself are such strong habits that it’s going to take some practice to change. But you can do it! Just like everything else, practice makes perfect and you’ve had a lot of practice telling yourself those same old stories. Make the effort to tell yourself new ones and within a couple weeks it will start becoming natural.


Anger Management Technique #4: Take care of yourself. Get the right amount of rest. Eat right. Exercise. Keep an eye on how much you drink. Get your needs met. Enjoy yourself!


Anger Management Technique #5: Be careful about the amount of alcohol served. As Homer Simpson says “Alcohol – the cure to and the cause of all of life’s problems.” Alcohol may help to loosen you up and relax, but different people react in different ways to alcohol. We’ve all heard of the “mean drunk.” Or somebody who may be too relaxed and let something slip which starts a fight. Try to keep it down to two drinks maximum.


Anger Management Technique #6: Be realistic about your family. If Uncle Roy has told the same story year after year, he’s going to do it again. If your Aunt Tilly has a habit of criticizing everything she is still going to do that. Tell yourself that you only have to see him or her for a few hours once a year. See if you can find some humor in it.


Anger Management Technique #7: Let bygones be bygones. People often think of their anger as a way of keeping the ones who hurt them in a kind of emotional prison. As long as they held onto the anger and bitterness, the wrongdoer stays in jail. But when you really stop and think about it, the only one who is really in an emotional prison is you. More often than not, the person you are pissed at is either unaware, doesn’t care or simply doesn’t give it as much thought as you. Meanwhile, you walk around stewing and obsessing over the wrong that was done to you. Your anger ends up affecting you more than the one who hurt you.


It’s the holidays – give yourself the gift of letting go of old grudges. While you probably can’t completely escape holiday stress, following these anger management techniques should help to minimize it.

Go here for more free information on anger management techniques. Dr. Joe James is a psychologist who is the developer of several online anger management classes, including a court ordered anger management class.
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Five reasons your stress options are incorrect

Posted by at 30 December, 2010, 5:06 am

In the event that deep breathing, weekly yoga classes, as well as ventilation for your buddies are not helping you to stop stressing out and unwind, you’ve plenty of company?aand it’s not your own fault. Brand new research has shown these allegedly tried-and-true anxiety busters in many cases are simply… well, the bust. Here are Five surprising facts about what truly helps manage stress?aand what doesn’t.

1.You never go to bed upset Better strategy: Simply get some sleep already

When you’re mid-dustup contributing to to shake your husband’s neck, the last thing you are feeling look foward to is styling up in bed next to him or her. But deep-down, a lot of us worry that going to bed upset simply tempts fate. So all of us discount, encourage, and then battle more in order to resolve the dispute, thinking just about all will be well by the morning in the event that we can simply achieve a resolution.

The truth is making legal representative by bedtime can actually worsen, states Andrea Nited kingdom. Wittenborn, PhD, a helper teacher within the relationship and family therapy plan at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State College. When you are annoyed, a part of the brain known as the amygdala hints the fight-or-flight reaction, restricting your ability to have a calm, logical discussion. So it’s smart to postpone on any showdown until you cool off.

2. You usually keep your cool: Much better strategy: Throw a tantrum now and then

From the time we’re little girls, we are trained to manage our tempers, so that as adults especially women we still think that ventilation frustration is harmful as well as unladylike. Actually, the alternative now seems to be true. According to research published within Natural Psychiatry which looked over the effect associated with face expressions associated with feelings, for example concern as well as indignation, upon our tension reactions, displaying your frustration might actually cause your brain to release less cortisol, the strain endocrine associated with weight problems, bone loss, and heart disease.

And while experts know that chronic frustration contributes to hypertension and coronary disease, they’ve additionally discovered which indicating irritation in reaction to a short-term and unjust aggravation, for example being cut off in visitors, can actually dampen the nasty results of tension. That’s because frustration confers feelings associated with control, counteracting the actual vulnerability and frustration we often feel in reaction to perceived insults and injustices, states lead study writer Jennifer Lerner, Expert degree.

3. You use family and friends with regard to assistance Much better strategy: Cuddle track of your dog

Hanging out with family members has long been recommended as an immediate mood-booster, but based on brand new medical proof, with regards to managing tension, the actual calming effects of spending time having a furry friend trump individuals acquired through hanging out with family and friends.Having your pet, regardless of whether the cat or a dog, with you during a stressful event turns out to be much more calming than the usual best friend or perhaps a partner,Inch states Wayne T. Blascovich, PhD, a teacher of mindset at the University associated with Ca, Santa Barbara

4. Convey each and every sensation Much better technique: Maintain a few in order to yourself

Within our tell-all, Oprah-fied tradition, we’ve come to think that discussing the emotions may be the only way to deal with life’s struggles. But simply the alternative is usually true. “We’ve lengthy believed that referring to problems is definitely much better, but there’s additionally evidence recommending that this coping style doesn’t work for everybody,Inch describes Karin Coifman, Expert degree, a good assistant professor of clinical mindset at Kent Condition University.

Dr. Coifman and co-workers looked at exactly how people in whose spouse or even child experienced just died coped with their reduction. These people learned that most of the subjects that avoided considering or talking about their own sadness?aa design researchers phone repressive coping had fewer short-term health issues, for example sore throats, looseness of the bowels, as well as difficulty breathing, in addition to a reduce incidence of long-term psychological problems. In addition, these people came back to their daily life more quickly compared to those who dwelled on their suffering.

I am not saying you need to just pull up when something bad occurs. As you should not deny your self natural grieving moments, learning to direct your interest from the stressor is really a powerful coping system. Therefore after experiencing which initial burst associated with holes, turn to some thing positive check within on the buddy or rearrange your furnishings. It’s an important ability to appear past the actual bad.We wouldn’t survive like a species otherwise, Doctor. Coifman provides.

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Catholic Church Mass Times Schedule Comes Handy Around the Globe

Posted by at 29 December, 2010, 10:39 am

A misconception that plagues the mind of people is that it is obligatory to attend a mass. However, very few know that it is not compulsory to attend a mass. Generally, Catholic Church Mass Times is on Sunday. However, you can attend the masses that are held everyday. Very few people are aware of the significance and the importance of the mass. Other Church mass times that you can attend are during Christmas. One should know the significance and the importance of the traditional celebrations.


Some historical references imply that it is important to attend a mass. Hence, you need to be aware of the mass schedule too. It has been said by the Rome’s second bishop that it was important to attend the masses as well as they shall be commemorating Jesus Christ’s birth. In 354 AD, the first mass was held. To announce the Catholic Church mass times, bells were first seen in 500 A.D. As part of the mass, Christmas, carols were sung first in the year 1223. Only three exclusive masses take place at the time of Christmas to mark the birth of Christ. They are mainly the Midnight Mass (Angel’s Mass), the Dawn Mass (Shepherd’s Mass), and the Christmas Day Mass (Mass of the Divine Word). The regular Sunday Mass is held to mark the resurrection of Christ. It is like an acknowledgement of Christ’s sacrifice.


A sacred banquet that is held on the Sunday Church Mass is depicted as the Last Supper. It is organised by the Churches. It is not obligatory to attend but most holy and pious Christians make it a point to attend them. The Saturday Vigil Mass has children singing in groups that are accompanied with musical instruments. It would be good to note that not all Masses are held on Sundays because some of them are held on weekdays too.


All across the globe, Christians are spread and they are travelling around for different purposes. Hence, they are always not able to attend the masses. Hence, it often becomes a big issue with them. Not always, will you find a catholic church in your neighbourhood and you will not be aware of the Catholic Church mass times. Hence, you need to get yourself a mass schedule so that you are familiar with the timings and you do not miss any Mass even during Sunday. To get a solution for this problem different websites have come out over the Internet where one can check out the Church Mass Times. It does not matter where you are living you can instantly get the details of the mass on your computer screen without any hassle.


If you are travelling around the globe and want to attend the mass then all you need to do is just log onto the Internet and put in the zip code and the place and location. Instantly, you will get the list of Churches in the neighbourhood and the different times and schedules of the masses. Because of the service, many Catholic Christians have benefited from this service and can attend the masses held even if they are away from home.

If you want to get the current Catholic Church Mass Times and Mass schedules then refer It is a comprehensive guide where you will find all the required information on the mass times at a place and time near you.
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Is PTSD destined to become a significant long term issue?

Posted by at 28 December, 2010, 7:24 pm

It’s an astonishing fact that from 2003, more than 2.0 million American and coalition troops have served in military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, with thousands engaged frequently.
The intensity and degree of the fighting endured by the deployed troops has not been experienced for decades and will unavoidably lead to short and long term challenges for the veterans of these conflicts.
Research conducted of almost 2,000 soldiers who were employed in Afghanistan and Iraq found that nearly 20% now experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or major depression, illnesses that could cost billions of dollars in medical care, lost production and lost lives through suicide.
This represents a possible ticking-time bomb of 400,000 suffers of post-traumatic stress disorder, the majority in the America, but also significant numbers in the UK and other coalition countries.

PTSD has often been overlooked, misdiagnosed and by and large neglected by governments of all countries for many years, so whilst we would all expect that this will adjust over time, we also should appreciate that sufferers need to be able to gain access to helpful advice, make connections with people in a related position and get access to services to help them stay on top of their post-traumatic stress disorder.

How do I tell if I have PTSD?

It’s key to be aware of the condition as soon as possible, so what are the indications that intimate you or a family member may be suffering from PTSD?

Principal question is have you or they undergone a traumatic event of the variety indicated at the opening of this article?

If so, do you:
” Have vibrant memories, flashbacks or nightmares?
” Shun things that remind you of the incident?
” Feel emotionally numb now and then?
” Like to keep on the go to cope?
” Seem depressed or exhausted?
” Are irritable and frequently edgy, but don’t know why?
” Eat more than usual, or engage in more drink or drugs than usual?
” Are out of control of your mood?
” Find it more hard to get on with other people?

If you seem to be experiencing one or more of these symptoms you may be suffering from PTSD.

What can I do about it?

Firstly thing you should do is to go and pay a visit to a doctor or other healthcare professional.

Also, there are things you should do to take charge. Try to start doing the regular things of life that have zero to do with your previous experiences of trauma. This may well include finding friends, doing consistent exercise, learning relaxation techniques, acquiring a hobby or having pets. This helps you to put normality back in your life, re-connect with yourself and those round you and bit by bit put things back together.

The My Post-traumatic stress disorder site has been established by ex-servicemen to offer information to suffers of PTSD and help them connect with other people affected by the condition. Within the site you will find basic information about the condition, links to in-depth features and publications and to products and services that can help you beat the condition.
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Stress at Workplace

Posted by at 28 December, 2010, 3:14 am

Stress at workplace does not mean having stress with work pressure; it also includes the stress having to do with problematic colleagues. There are various factors that could lead you to having stress at the workplace. These problematic people at office could be your members in the team, managers or even your boss.You have to learn various methods to deal with the stresses caused at workplace, otherwise you might even lose your job.

Ways to manage the stress at workplace

Problem people are not just present in the office; they could be the people you meet in your everyday life. This could be the people you work with in the office. It is very important to learn how to control such stresses in life. For instance, if you are given a team and a task to be performed, you cannot expect the team members to have the same attitude as every individual will have different attitude which might cause a lot of tension for you.You should know the techniques to manage the team in order to complete the task within the allotted time, otherwise you will not be able to meet the deadline causing high levels of stress. Let’s see few techniques that you can follow:

• Be authoritative: you can find few co-workers to be very stubborn and playful. Now handling such employees should require some lessons. The best way to handle them is to be authoritative and set high standards. This will help you fix tasks with time limits for every employee.

• Be communicative: You should be communicative to the team. This will help you to improve and maintain good relation with the team members. Discuss the responsibilities of the members personally. Always highlight the fact that has to be done efficiently. These ways will help you to maintain good relation and increase productivity.

Irrational demands from the company

Nowadays the companies provide a lot of workload to the employees. Most of them are rational and others are irrational. These kinds of irrational jobs and tasks are allotted when the requirement arises. The best way to overcome this is by analyzing and understanding your job description and your priorities. If you are allotted a work to be done outside the office or your job priorities, you should know how to turn down such offers and stick on with your priorities.

Increasing team productivity

To increase the team’s productivity, you have to make sure that the team members are not subjected to lot of stress. It is very important that they are with less stress to concentrate and increase their productivity. For this you need to set up a team design with the responsibilities and the tasks allotted to the members. Also include the feedback and the review system for the team on a regular basis which will help you to determine and increase the team’s performance and productivity. In a team you can get different kinds of negotiations from all corners. Your duty is to analyze and find out the exact source of the conflict in the team’s work. Most of the conflicts need proper communication among the team to work and perform united. This will help you to increase the team productivity and outcome.

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Stressed? Be kind to yourself!

Posted by at 27 December, 2010, 4:06 am

When the pace of life is really hectic, it is easy to be so involved with everyday happenings that we become stressed and start to feel out of control. Stress builds up in the body and it makes us susceptible to accidents or illnesses. Often something like that will happen to make us stop. It is then that we can choose to either battle on regardless, or nurture ourselves until we are back on track. Most of us probably take the first option, because we feel guilty at letting people down, and we are unused to being okay about putting ourselves first.

At times like this, meditation is so valuable in releasing stress and bringing mind and body into balance. When the mind is in overdrive, it is often difficult to settle to attain quietness, and this is where the meditation technique called  ‘Loving kindness’ can really help.

This technique is also known as ‘Metta’. It is a Pali word that has two root meanings. One is the word for ‘gentle, the other meaning is ‘friend’. By using the ‘metta’ meditation, we are being a gentle friend to ourselves. Here is the technique for you to follow. 

Find a quiet space, sit upright in a chair or on the floor, and be comfortable.Take a good deep breath in and tense the muscles in your neck and shoulders.As you exhale allow your neck and shoulders to relax.

When you feel ready, start to repeat this metta meditation to yourself over and over again for about fifteen minutes 

               May I be happy   

                May I be well

                May I be safe

                May I be at ease 

At first repeat each statement one after the other without a break, then as the mind and emotions quieten down, break for a couple of seconds between each statement, thus allowing you to experience peacefulness. Gradually increase the gap between each statement.

Like this:  May I be happy……………..May I be well……..May I be safe……….May I be at ease

 During meditation stress is released attached to thoughts.

Thoughts and feelings during meditation are natural.

Simply let go of the thought and return to saying the metta.

Every meditation is different from the previous one so don’t try to compare one experience with another.

The process of meditation is clearing stress regardless of the subjective experience. Therefore try to go into meditation without expectation.

Give yourself time to meditate at least once a day in a quiet place

When you finish meditating relax in your chair for a few moments before starting any activity.


I am keen to make meditation mainstream and accessible to everyone.Meditation has been part of my daily life for 25 years and since 2002 I have been teaching meditation to individuals and groups. In 2008 I was encouraged to produce a CD and book about meditation by my students. The title is “Just Turn Up”. There is no other CD/book that explains the technique in plain language, and removes the myths and mystery surrounding the subject.The book, CD and website have reached many people, and I hope it has changed their life for the better. For more details see  
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Non-Directive Counseling is a Waste of Time and Thus is a Con Job

Posted by at 26 December, 2010, 7:45 am

There is an awry ooze filtering through society and it is as beneficial as paper for carrying water; pointless! Freedom of speech is a marvelous concept except when it is used inappropriately as an expression of the lowest form of journalism and counseling.

Political correctness has replaced honesty combined with concerned humanitarian practices have given birth to a disjointed justice system that has caused more ill will than is appropriate. Languishing in prisons across the globe are thousands of prisoners falsely accused of crimes because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time or had the disquieting facts of possessing features that matched the real criminal who inevitably got away scot free. In an effort to secure a conviction or perhaps to cover up ones inept policing methods opinions give rise causing some to jump to conclusions resulting in misappropriation of justice. As this happens within families it is no surprise that it is widely practiced throughout society.

Justice takes a back seat too when counselors give shallow advice or perhaps decline to give any choosing to allow the client to arrive at their own decisions. The object one would think of choosing counseling and a particular counselor is to assist one in making decisions by being guided with the intellectual educated experience of the counselor. Why else would any individual go the expense of parting with hard earned cash when the alternative is to sit oneself in front of a mirror and have a gold old chat with yours truly? Perhaps go to a bar and have a chat with the bartender and have some fun in the process.

Basically with non-directive counseling that is what we may as well do. If I as a counselor cannot challenge forthright communication wherein the client leaves the office with peace of mind then why did I choose my career? From my own experiences my greatest successes were achieved when there was full commitment with my counselors and honestly I would have personally walked away from any faking of the enterprise in the name of so called individuality.

With the financial services company I worked with we encouraged full participation allowing a full education of the possibilities while discussing amicably the pros and cons of a particular course to follow. Good decisions are not made when the waters of discourse are murky and as quivery as quick sand thus non-directive counseling should be aborted, avoided and allow instead full participation to aid in the arriving at suitable conclusions.

Ask yourself this question: am I going to cross the road or be run over?

Useful tip: develop a mastermind group of like minded individuals who believe in equality with friendship and promise to totally dedicate energies for combined benefits through honesty and integrity with respect for the privacy of the group. Your life, your circle of influence and your future will be richer because of it.

Tomas Coimin is a master of motivational techniques with a strong desire to help others seek greater peace through positive self-esteem. Based in Co. Tipperary Ireland. Through the years it has been very rewarding to receive acknowledgments from readers indicating the benefits of my writings and thus I pray to continue to deliver quality pieces to continue the trends of previous successes. I write and publish poetry and short stories too but my chief aim is to work towards strengthening self-esteem while eliminating the ravages caused by abuses whether financial, physical, sexual or mental.Tomas may be reached at
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Users Manual to Meditation to Deal with Stress

Posted by at 25 December, 2010, 6:22 pm

One of the techniques used to handle stress is Meditation.  People puzzled with lot of problems will find it hard to focus. Such people will often end up creating problems for themselves. Meditation is a process which helps people attains a calm state of mind without any medications or drugs. Meditation techniques are the best ways to overcome stress. It doesn’t need any medicine or drugs; here everything is done with the mind.


Following are certain steps that aid a starter to follow these techniques as the stress management strategies.


Step1: Always try to be in a calm and quiet place to start meditation


As concentration is the key to meditation, any form of distraction can cause disturbance to the meditator.  Always try to find a quiet and calm place to start your meditation. This is because your senses of hearing will be twice as good as it is always when you close your eyes for meditating. This will make it hard for you to concentrate.


Beginners can start their meditation at home because you can meditate alone closing the door of your room. You can tell this to everyone at home so they reduce all the noise in the house, so you can meditate at peace.


Step 2: Choose your position and be ready


Beginners can meditate in the lotus position or sit on a chair with your hands on the armrest or on your lap. Avoid lying down when practicing meditation during your early stages of meditating. This is because you will definitely fall asleep when your mind arrives at a tranquil state. Therefore it is best and suggested for the beginners to start meditating with their back straight so you never sleep while meditating.


Step3:  Meditation begins with the breath exercise


The best way to start your meditation is with the breathing exercise.  The breathing exercise starts with you inhaling through your nose and exhaling through the mouth.  Continuing this will help you to reach regularity which will be the focal point. Your body will have the sufficient quantity of oxygen to keep you in a tranquil state. This can be continued until you breathe without even thinking or having it in your mind.


Step 4:  Your mind should be the center of attention


Continuing your breathing exercise, at a particular state your mind will attain the tranquil state or the relaxed state. This point the mind will start showing you pictures and images of your past, present, future, your worries, happy moments, fears and many more. These thoughts will be hard to ignore but you should not ignore and you have to start focusing on these images and thoughts void showing any interest on it.


At one particular time these images and thoughts moving around will stop and you will realize that your mind is blank as never.  It is to attain this state you meditate in the beginner’s stage. After you reach this state you can start all the issues that you are facing in life will come in front of you. Then you have to wait in that state until you get a solution for your issue. This is how a beginner masters the basics for the stress management program.

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Part Time Jobs For Teenagers“““““““““““““““

Posted by at 25 December, 2010, 5:16 am

The few months before summer vacation are when a teenager should start planning to get a summer job.  

First, you should determine the type of summer employment that you need or want. Included in this decision are the salary, the hours, and the location. Although you might not be able to find summer employment that meets all of your requirements, you should still be able to get the summer job that most of your requirements.  

Second, you should do a complete analysis of yourself. You need to determine what you have learned in school that will help you find the best summer job. Other considerations include what kind of similar work you have done, what skill you have, and what you have to offer an employer.

Next, you should write a resume. A professional resume will help you to present a professional image to potential employers. There are numerous websites on the Internet that can show how to write a professional resume.

Then, you should use all the resources that are available to you in order to find the perfect summer employment. You should talk to teachers, friend’s parent’s, older family members, and any other adults that you may know and inquire from them if they have any employment contacts. Provide them with copies of your resume. This is known as networking, and it will help you to get a good summer job.  

Next, you have to take action. This means you should hit the street after checking out the Internet, and the classified advertisements in the newspaper.

Then you will have to apply for the summer jobs that you are interested in. You will need your resume for this. Ensure that you are familiar with job applications and that you have all the necessary information to complete them.

Lastly, you7 will have to interview for the job. Be sure that you know understand the company. You should dress conservatively for the interview, think of the answers that you questions that you would ask if you were the employer, and develop answers to the usual interview questions. Most importantly, you should practice answering interview questions with a friend or family member. You can find typical questions on the Internet.

Employers are looking for teenagers who are motivated and who show leadership qualities, will work their full shift, will do the best job that they can, work well with others, have a positive attitude, will work hard, and be to work on time. You should display that you are a good investment to your employer, not only in the position that you are applying for, but also in future positions.

A summer job is just like any other job. Some days will be better than others. Never forget that as long as you are working, you are gaining experience, earning money, and making good contacts.

Alex Wu operates a cheap advertising website that lets people advertise, build groups, and connect. He hopes to create an active environment for businesses to place their part time jobs.
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