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Simple Stress Management Tips For Teachers

Posted by at 30 April, 2011, 6:28 am

Teaching can be a stressful job. As an educator you have the pressure to be a role model to your students. Plus the combinations of students, their parent, school management, administrative work and additional role you may have can get overwhelming at times.

For the teacher out there, try these few stress management tips to help you get your stress level under control.

Take regular short break. It is important that you have time to recharge.  During those precious 5-10 minutes of break, switch off everything and make sure you are not interrupted. Do something that you enjoy. Compliment it with a healthy snack that rich in vitamins like B complex, C and E along with minerals like manganese, selenium and zinc. These vitamins are known to help reduce stress.

We all make mistakes sometimes. Very few people on this planet are actual walking encyclopedia. So if are unable to answer a question ask by a student. Or you got it wrong. That is okay. Get back to the student after some additional research. Striving to be perfect causes procrastination and can be very stressful.

Learn a few quick stress relief techniques. Sometime you may not have time to de-stress because of your busy schedule. Try these few “on the go” suggestions. You can just smile, laugh, do some deep breathing exercises, listen to music or just write out why your stress and tear it apart when you are done.

It is important to know what are your stress triggers. It can help you manage your stress level better if you know what you are dealing with. Sometimes stress can be trigger by kids running and screaming at the corridor or there may be some stressful situation at home that you may have brought to work.

Nothing cuts stress like banishing confusion from your life. Getting organized can work miracles when you have endless thing in a day that demand your attentions. Create a system that can help you manage your work flow at school.

Make use of boxes to store things that you use daily. Label them clearly so that you can find it easily. Purchase or download free software to help keep track an input of grades. In the classroom, you can store children supplies and teacher material by topic, season or their functions.

Go home when time is up. What you are doing today will be here waiting for you tomorrow. You have done your share for today. So put everything down and head for the exit. You deserve time for yourself.


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Next Time Your Car Is Due For A Service Try Taking It To Your Local Service Centre

Posted by at 29 April, 2011, 6:15 pm

According to some people, car servicing can be done properly only by a main dealer. The existence of many excellent independent car service companies proves the falsity of this belief.

An independent car service can be beneficial in many ways. These independents do not usually have as many employees and are smaller. It follows from this that you will be sufficiently close to the mechanic working on your car to be able to ask him questions. Generally the smaller shops provide a higher quality customer service.

If a car is under warranty, some people believe that it can be maintained only by the main dealer. This is a false notion. Many independent centres have certified technicians that can do any type of work even if your car is under warranty.

Car dealerships do not have better hi-tech equipment or technology than modern car service centres. A good service centre will be equipped with the latest technology and tools and be capable of dealing with all kinds of vehicles whether modern or old.

You can also find reliable independent car service centres that handle commercial servicing. Most of the larger shops service both passenger and commercial vehicles. A wide range of vehicle types and models can be dealt with by the fully trained mechanics at these places. They have the know-how to diagnose problems on all models and types of vehicle using a variety of hi-tech car diagnostics tools.

Your local garage can be very expensive when it comes to main dealer servicing costs. Having a luxury car such as a BMW serviced by the main dealer is, as those who do so know, very expensive. Whether your car is a Bentley, Mercedes or classic you will find there is an independent garage that specialises in that model. They can repair and do maintenance on these types of vehicle and it usually costs far less than you would pay at a dealership.

Your local qualified car service centre can also do an MOT test on your vehicle when the need arises. To receive a Tax Disc you must have a valid Ministry of Transport (MOT) certificate. There are reliable shops in your area that will inspect your vehicle and also carry out the repairs if any are necessary.

Belonging to a dealership is not a prerequisite for receiving specialist servicing. Reputable businesses with specialist training and facilities exist where such vehicles as Mercedes, BMW’s, Volkswagens and Land Rovers can be serviced.

Owners of commercial vehicles may easily find maintenance of their vehicle is cheaper at a local service centre than at a main dealer. The facilities and equipment necessary for working on vehicles with longer wheelbases exist in many companies. Most shops also keep a supply of commercial batteries and tyres.

Basically there are no tasks that an independent car service shop can’t do more cheaply than a main dealer service. Any questions you have should be answered immediately by the more customer service oriented smaller centres. Consider, therefore, what else might be available locally before you take your car or commercial vehicle in for a service or repair. You might be able to save yourself some time and money by going to an independent car service centre.

Barrett-Lee main dealer service at independent prices. We specialise in car diagnostics for new and used BMW, Mercedes, Audi and most other makes. Our service centre has all the up to date equipment and our staff are fully trained to service and maintain most modern or older vehicles.


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Drive Time in the Honda Insight

Posted by at 28 April, 2011, 10:03 pm

However the fact that it is a viable choice for suburban families to make is a step in that direction. Without getting off topic for too long I imagine that the Honda Clarity, a hydrogen powered car is the genuine way forward to a world without quite so many crazy weather patterns. However for now hydrogen service stations are few and far between, leaving us with a choice of either a bicycle or a hybrid. Which at least is one small step for man, in the right direction of, one giant leap for mankind.

The little 1.3 litre i-VTEC engine that is the primary power source of the Insight is zippy and chirpy even when the ECON button is engaged, which I am told reduces the motor’s output to assist the driver be more economical. It just made me have more fun with the glowing green dials (when driving economically) and the blue dials (when driving not so economically). The petrol engine gets a helping boost from a 10 kilowatt electric motor, which may not sound like much but being an electric motor the torque is instant. My fun was aided by the paddle shifters attached to the steering wheel, making this car an altogether surprising package. Especially since it has a constantly variable transmission and the paddle shifters simulate seven gear changes. It’s not bland and it’s not slow, well not for what it is designed to do at any rate. It is a delight to drive with incredibly light but precise steering and once you get used to the auto stop of the engine in traffic or at lights it is peaceful and calm as well.

In terms of aesthetics the Insight is quite a nice car to look at, and it has a host of features as standard. What you get with the Insight, aside from the Honda quality is a safe car that carries the 5 star ANCAP rating. Therefore you will have all the airbags, anti lock brakes, stability control and a body shell that has what Honda describes as crash protection engineering. You also get cruise control, blue tooth hands free phone connectivity, iPod phone dock with usb connectivity, keyless entry and climate control.

But above all the features, and the look, and the safety, and the way the car drives, what you get with an Insight is just that. An insight to the future of how we need to drive and behave on our planet. You learn to be more economical in your driving patterns; you are challenged to get more from less every time you start off. Ultimately that must lead us to positive change, lower emissions and a greener future and not just because the floods left a green slime behind.

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Weight Loss Ideas from Ancient Times

Posted by at 28 April, 2011, 3:15 am

One of the most prevalent modern health issues is obesity. It affects a large percentage of the world population that it has now reached a point when it can no longer be overlooked. In order to counter the many threats of obesity, many contemporary methods have been contrived by industry experts who painstakingly seek to provide a way out of this dilemma.

But as what they say, it never hurts to look back especially in terms of life threatening health concerns. With that said, here are some Weight loss tips from the bowels of history that are slowly gaining much respect and consideration from present day health practitioners and researchers.

Ma Huang: Chinese Weigh Loss Herb

Considered as one of the oldest civilizations, China has been the cradle of many ancient health practices and natural treatments. One of these ancient Chinese treatments that have been recognized by the 21st century man is Ma Huang. Believed to have unique properties that can directly and indirectly fight obesity, Ma Huang has inspired following from a niche market who are intent in losing excess pounds. The substance is said to have thermogenic property which aids in burning fats and enhances the processes of digestion and metabolism. Moreover, it has also been found out that Ma Huang increases the pulse rate which facilitates perspiration- a process that flushes out excess fluids.


Another noteworthy entry from the list of ancient weight loss ideas, acupressure is yet another facet of the vast Chinese medicinal culture. Experts have recognized that this treatment can be used in dealing with obesity by targeting one’s appetite, digestion, and metabolism. Through specific pressure points, it is believed that acupressure can get rid of negative emotions which are highly correlated with unhealthy eating. By eliminating this harmful inclination toward unconstructive feelings, the person suffering from such condition can discover a healthier relationship with food. The most widely used pressure points in dealing with weight concerns are Appetite Control Point, Spleen 6, Spleen 9, Stomach 36, Liver 3, and Large Intestine 11. Each of these pressure points is located in a particular part of the body’s exterior.

Hoodia Gordonii

A type of Hoodia, the Hoodia Gordonii which is derived from cactus is said to contain natural appetite suppressant. For thousands of years, it has been used by the San Bushmen of the Kalahari for their tribe’s hunting expeditions and is considered to have a certain molecule that is many times more active than glucose. Such composition causes the midbrain to think that it’s full even when no food intake has been made.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Credited to the Egyptians and is said to have been used as medicinal source for as early as 3,000 BC, apple cider vinegar is a proven and effective cleansing agent.


Otherwise known as the ancient practice of Mindfulness, hypnosis can allow a person to gain awareness and eliminate his or her dependent on food when dealing with stress or depression.

Weigh loss practices and diet solutions always have their pros and cons, therefore enough knowledge and expert advice is needed so as to avoid unfavorable and unforeseen side effects.

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Effective ways to manage a Crisis

Posted by at 27 April, 2011, 2:57 pm


Crisis is a time limited emotional disturbance, caused by an external or internal stressor in which the usual coping mechanism cannot resolve the problem. We deal with a lot of stress and tension in our day-to-day life and more or less we are able to cope with it. But when the level of stress is so intense that the usual coping mechanism is not enough to solve the issue, crisis occurs. When a crisis is not solved in time, it may be manifested as physical or psychological ailments. So it is important to understand how to manage a crisis effectively.


What are the types of crisis?

There are mainly two types of crisis you may have to encounter. They are Situational crisis and maturational crisis. Situational crisis are something that you encounter as a result of an acute change in the external or internal factors and is not associated with your age and developmental process. Maturational crisis as the name suggests, occurs as you go through the developmental process and role changes in your life. Maturational crisis are normal and occurs throughout your life with your changing family role and responsibilities. In both types of crisis you need to have effective coping skills to overcome them and get some benefit out of it. Below is an Example of crisis.

Situational crisis:

Mr. John is a factory worker and is the bread winner of his family. One day while he was working in the factory, he had an accident in which he lost one of his legs and had to retire from his job. He was no longer able to earn for his family and his wife had to search for a job.

Maturational crisis:

Mr. Smith is 25 years old and is the only son of his father. His father retired from his job and Smith had to take care of the family for financial support. He was doing his post graduation when his father retired. He had to do some part time job to support his family. In the first example, Mr. John had an accident which created a crisis for him and in second example, Mr. Smith had to take the responsibility of his family and that caused the crisis for him. This is the difference with both types of crisis.

Crisis response:

During the crisis period, individual passes through certain phases based on his response to the stressor.

Phase I: This is the stage of initial coping mechanism. The individual tries to solve the problem using his primary coping mechanisms. When you are in the first phase you have anxiety but tries to solve them.

Phase II: As the initial coping mechanism fails to solve the problem, anxiety increases to a certain level in which you need to try new methods to solve the issue. You will be irritable, may experience lack of sleep and loss of appetite. You will have some physical symptoms associated with it.

Phase III: When the secondary coping also fails, the individual develops uncontrolled anxiety and the psychological equilibrium or balance changes. This is the cause behind most of the psychiatric problems as well as biological disorders. E.g.: lack of sleep, Eating disorders etc.

How do we manage the crisis effectively?

There are some steps in effective management of a crisis. They are as follows:


Plan of action

Working phase

Evaluation and re-planning.


Find out the exact cause of the stress, how does it affect you? And what are the solutions you can use to solve them. Assessment is the most important phase in crisis management, as an effective assessment of the problem will reveal the cause, depth, and the solutions. No locks are made without a key and there are no problems without a solution. The solutions will be hidden in the problem itself and so it is important to understand what the problem is. While we think of the problem, we should check the different aspects of it and come to a conclusion with covering the problem as a whole.

You must have heard of the story of three blind men who went to see an elephant. The first man touched the tail of elephant and told the elephant is like a broom. The second one touched the leg of elephant and told it is like a tree. The third one touched the trunk of elephant and told it is like a big rock. This is actually how we see things. At certain point, when you think of your retirement you feel it as a stressful situation and at some other point, you will find it as a time to do something of your own interest. The problem changes based on our view and that is the reason why we need to consider all the aspects of the problem.

Steps in assessing a problem:

Feel yourself calm and relaxed. You may find it difficult to feel relaxed when you are in a crisis. So go to your favorite place where you used to be free and relaxed. Take few deep breaths and settle yourself.

Take a pen and a book (Diary) to note down the important things. Think of the problem and try to see it from different points of view. Take down important points in your book as you get them.

Sometimes you may not be able to think clearly as you will be tensed. In this case go to your best friend, or your wife or someone you trust the most and share your problem with them. Discuss it in detail and try to discover the problem as a whole and take down in your note book.

Plan of action:

Once you have completed your assessment phase, it is time to find out the solutions to it. Find out the solutions and its possible effects or expected outcomes and note them down on your book. Make yourself more confident and believe that you can solve the problem with these solutions.

Working phase:

At this time you implement your planned actions. Note down how you did it in your book. Complete all your planned actions and feel yourself relaxed.

Evaluation phase:

Now you evaluate the actions. Make a note of the effects of your actions, side effects and the present condition of the problem after the implementation. This gives a clear idea of the success or failure of the solutions and gives more clues to the actions to be done in future and a clear view of your problem.


Based on your result, you may need some modifications to your plan of actions or you may have to try some new methods to solve the problem. So re-planning is essential if your previous attempts fail to solve the issue. Do not think that you cannot solve it as you have failed at the first attempt. Failure is the first step in the way to success. When you do a re-planning, you will have a more detailed view of your problem and more ideas to solve it. So keep trying until you solve the issue.

Things to keep in mind while you face a crisis:

Always think that the present problem is just temporary and you are going to settle down the issue fast and everything will become normal.
Do not think about the past, when you have a crisis. Most of the people think about how beautiful the life was in the past and compare it with the present life. This will make you more depressed and increase your anxiety.
Always think about the future when you settle down the issue and the life become easy and more happy.
Understand that when you solve your problem, you will become more strong and powerful. Problems are not harmful but are fruitful when you solve them. You will learn new things and be stronger that you can face and solve them with ease in future.
Do not try to run away from the situations. If you do not solve them now, they are going to cause more trouble in future. So now is the best time to solve them.
A problem is actually an opportunity.
All questions have an answer and all problems have a solution.
Anxiety never allows you to think properly. So manage the anxiety first.
Think of the best outcome rather than the worst consequences.
Accept that there is a problem, and you have to solve them.

Important factors contributing to successful management of crisis:

Realistic perception of the event.
Adequate situational support
Adequate coping abilities.


When you have a crisis, get support from your loved ones. Feel relaxed and avoid anxiety. Clear thinking is essential to find solutions and anxiety cause lack of thinking abilities. If you have tried all these methods and failed, consult a professional who can help you solve the problem. Never be reluctant to get help from others. Always take care to avoid escapism.





Shimil Varghese, A student Psychologist, researcher and a web developer.
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Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Posted by at 26 April, 2011, 9:14 pm

You think it will never happen to you, but post traumatic stress disorder can affect anyone.

What is post traumatic stress syndrome?

Post traumatic stress, usually abbreviated as PTSD, is a real anxiety disorder; it is a mental medical condition. It happens when you go through a very dangerous, fearful, or traumatic event. For example, you injured yourself after a fire or you became a victim of a crime.

It’s also possible to develop PTSD even if you’re not the one who’s directly affected. You may have seen on television a gruesome civil war fight in Sudan, and you started thinking it could happen in your own homeland.

Those who suffered from depression or have family members who were diagnosed with anxiety disorders are more prone to develop PTSD.

What are the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder?

Diagnosing post traumatic stress can sometimes be challenging, as the lack of negative response to the traumatic event may already be a sign or symptom. It could be your way of building a “fortress” that separates you from the source of your trauma. The problem with this is sooner or later this wall can be taken down, and you can suffer from a nervous breakdown.

Moreover, PTSD doesn’t happen immediately at all times. Sometimes it will take months or even years before symptoms are noticeable.

Nevertheless, be alert of the following. These are the typical symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder:

Change of sleeping patterns and recurring nightmares
Memory loss (the traumatic events are repressed)
Sudden changes of your mood
Irritability and intense sudden anger
Indifference or numbness
Withdrawal from society
Presence of guilty or hopeless feeling
Anxiety and panic
Hallucinations or delusions

How do you deal with traumatic stress disorder?

Treating or managing PTSD doesn’t happen overnight. It may take weeks or even years. But surely as long as you stick with a good plan, you can get over it.

Doctors would normally recommend medications to help manage the symptoms. These drugs include antidepressants for your anxiety or sleeping pills.

It’s not a good idea, though, to be fully dependent on them because of substance abuse. It’s best to combine them with natural methods.

For one, you can undergo exposure therapy. You are exposed to the causes of your PTSD slowly but regularly. The purpose is to allow you to confront and deal with the triggers without getting upset or disturbed.

Another is the cognitive behavior approach. The goal is to change your negative thoughts into positive ones. It’s very common among counsellors or psychologists to utilize subliminal messages.

Subliminal messages are positive statements. They are repeated over and over to allow them to penetrate into your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind doesn’t have the capability to filter out information, so it is more receptive to subliminal messages.

As they go deeper into your subconscious, they will start to work like your new belief system. You will begin to fill your mind with more positive thoughts and images.

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How To Make Her Orgasm Every Time – Penis Enlargment Before And After – African Boy Stretching Penis Wouldn’t Your Father Be Proud

Posted by at 26 April, 2011, 6:41 am

How To Make Her Orgasm Every Time

There are more questions about male enhancement than you can imagine. Simple questions like which enhancement pill works best or do penis pumps enlarge your penis are the most common but with each question comes a variety of answers. This article will help clear up the mystery and in the process provide you with the best way to get a bigger penis.

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Due to the constantly changing standards of today’s society many men have grown to expect more emphasis on size than what used to be the norm. If you want to achieve real length and girth gains only the best penis enlarger will do the job.

Pills are one of the staples of the penis male enlargement process. Every man interested in this field has heard about at least a half-dozen pills and is familiar with their effects on the body. Many have actually tried them and have a pretty good idea about the limited effectiveness of penis male enlargement pills. The Internet is buzzing with the success stories of men who tried combinations of enlargement techniques that include pills.

With so much noise about natural penis exercises being the solution to a number of male sexual problems one question on the mind of so many men is whether natural penis male enlargement exercises are actually capable of improving a guy’s erection strength. Find out the answer to that question in this article!

Natural enlargement exercises work they really do. BUT a lot of guys fail to make them work. Why? Well to be honest it’s a matter of not knowing all the facts about doing the exercises the exact correct way and NOT supporting the exercises with other CRITICAL health boosting components.

The male enhancement market is big and the reputation of the market as a whole has taken some blows from a few lowly scammers. While there are some honest companies who give excellent products and support to match a few bad ones have left a stigma of myths in the mind of the potential customer.

To the average male the size of his penis is very important whether consciously or subconsciously. Despite the efforts of many individuals to treat this as a superficial matter the fact remains that many men are not enjoying their sex lives to the fullest. The average man is not comfortable knowing his partner is not fulfilled sexually or getting the most from their sexual encounters.

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Relaxation Tips For Kids

Posted by at 25 April, 2011, 2:04 pm

Children like adults can be affected by stress daily. Stress can be trigger by both positive and negative events. Children should learn at a young age how to identify and deal with stress. Make learning fun for them. Teach them how to deal with stress and some relaxation techniques.

Stretching is a great way to relax muscles and joint that is tight and tense. A simple stretching exercise increases the blood flow to the muscles. It can reduce joint stiffness and your body will experience better flexibility. Stretching exercises can also improve mental alertness and concentration.

Some simple stretching exercise your child can try right now include: Abdominal stretch, Shoulder and neck stretch, Upper-back stretch, Hamstring stretch, Overhead arm pull.

A simple way to bring stress under control for children is to do deep breathing. Some people tend to hyperventilate when they feel stress. As a result the heart rate increases and blood pressure goes up. Whenever the child feels that the muscles are tightening and tension is building up inside you. Stop for a minute. Relax their shoulder and use their abdominal to breath. Repeat the exercise till the child feels a sense of calm and control.

Sometimes an overly hectic schedule can leave a child feeling over whelm and stress out. Take an occasional break from their routine can provide beneficial release of stress. Surprise the child with and occasional outing. Take them to the park. Give them a treat. Bring them to their favorite restaurant. Or simply make time to play. Physical playtime can help reinvigorate their drive and get them motivated. Temporarily distraction can be a good way to deal with stress. It allows them to regroup and handle the problems better at a later time.

Children can also pick up creative hobbies to help deal with stress. Activities and hobbies like drawing and writing can allow the child to express their anger, stress, or frustrations without hurting anyone. They can draw a picture of why they are feeling stress out. These hobbies can be turn to life skills that may aid them later in life.

Story time can provide children with stress relief. Let the child pick the story they want hear. Don’t just tell the story. Bring it to life. Have fun with it. Add a dash of sound effect. Bring in a few props. Get the child involve in the story. Stories are not just great for stress relief; they can also help the child develop their creative mind.

Eddy is looking for motivation to work on a lot of things and he needs help. He figures that the best way to do it is to tell the world about the things he wants to do and ask for help along the way. Putting everything online makes him accountable. So he writes about his bucket list journey online at Interesting Articles 1. Stress Management For Kids2. 5 Stress Management Techniques
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Time Running Out For A 2011 Ski Holiday

Posted by at 24 April, 2011, 6:18 pm

March might mean saying goodbye to winter, but for skiers it’s time to book that trip before it is too late, and it’s another eight months before they can enjoy a ski holiday again.

And for those considering ski holidays Andorra is a great destination, with first class slopes and an infrastructure to match.

There are different areas to ski in Andorra, and they are:

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Arinsal and Pal – now a single resort linked by cable car. One ski pass allows skiers to venture onto either set of slopes. In effect, wherever you are staying at the resort, you can ski from your backyard right onto the slopes. Snowboarders will also feel quite comfortable whether they are beginners or experienced.

Pas de la Casa is also close by but tends to be more crowded. However, it does offer very good value if that is the major criteria in selecting a resort. With its numerous cafes, restaurants, happy hours and discos, Pas de la Casa tends to attract the livelier young adult crowd. Travel offers often feature the resort for cheap ski holidays, and there are regular buses to and from the capital la Vella for those who want to do some duty free shopping during their trip.

Perhaps the best known resort is Soldeu. It has a mix of accommodation but has the best hotel for skiers, the Sports Hermitage, and first class ski slopes. An excellent mix.

It’s also perfectly possible to have a twin centre trip, with both Andorra and French ski holidays. Some areas good in France include:

Nestled atop a magnificent glacier on Mt. Bellecote is the world-class ski area of La Plagne. Surrounded by the majestic Vanoise Massif Mountains in the Graian Alps, La Plagne resort beckons the avid skier. It is spread over an altitude of 1250 to 3250 meters. The result is a variety of terrains and altitudes appealing to beginners and experts alike.

The resort was built in 1961 with the hope of attracting tourism dollars. It was largely conceived in the interest of four small mountain villages. The fledgling towns were dying and hoped to capitalize on the gorgeous natural beauty of the area. Today’s La Plagne is comprised of many different and distinctive villages. All are linked to one another by ski lifts and trails for those who prefer cross-country skiing. The villages continue to expand, giving it a competitive edge when it comes to tourism revenue.

Even the non-skier will find something to love about La Plagne. Non-skiers may choose from over 50 pubs and restaurants ranging from casual to fine dining. After dark visitors can hit one of the resort’s many night clubs for an evening of dancing and partying. Numerous daytime activities entertain and engage those who choose not to ski as well. Winter sport activities include ice skating, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing.

La Grave is a commune in southeastern France and the location of La Meije. Three summits comprise La Meije with the highest summit being 3,984 m. Mountain climbers and rock climbers challenge themselves to reach the highest summit of La Meije. The very first successful climb was by Emmanuel Boileau de Castelneu and Pierre Gaspard and his son on August 16, 1877. Glacier climbing or ice climbing is a very popular sport in La Grave as well. One hundred to 300 metre climbing routes offer a variety of difficulty.

Much of the La Grave la Meije ski area is glacier and considered dangerous. Guided skiing is recommended. Extreme skiers find a great deal of fascination and appeal in La Grave la Meije due to the enormous vertical drops and extreme ski conditions. The largest vertical descent can be extended to 2,300 m when skiers go past the resort to the road.

Located in Belleville Valley, Les Menuires resort hosted the 1992 Winter Olympics. It is part of the largest ski area in the world, Les Trois Valleys. The Three Valleys are comprised of several resorts that host millions of skiers per year. Les Menuires has 62 ski trails, advanced and beginner slopes and 39 lifts. The resort has 48 restaurants offering fare ranging from fast food to fine cuisine, something for everyone.

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Emotional Intelligence – The Importance Of Processing Our Emotions

Posted by at 24 April, 2011, 4:52 am

I have recently had an interesting experience. And upon close reflection, I believe this experience has explained how important it is to process our emotions and to limit their accumulation. I believe it also explains at a deeper level, what is meant by; we are not just the observers of our reality and that if we experience or our exposed to something, then it is always a mirror of what is going on for us at some level. It shows the power we have on our environment and the connection between the inner and outer world.

So here, based on my own subjective experience of what happened, I will do my best to put into words everything I have observed, before, during and after the occurrence.

The Experience

After a day that had moments of frustration and anger, I decided to go for a drive and instead of taking the road that was familiar to me I decided to take a completely different route. At the beginning of the journey, I said emphatically to myself ‘something has got to happen’, referring to my own need for a change to happen in my life. It was a feeling of needing a release of some kind. A few moments after this had happened, the car I was following, pulled out too soon and ended up with another going into its side. Now as strange as this might sound, I felt an emotional release as this happened and felt mentally and emotionally better for a short while afterward.

The Metaphors

The point of focus is not on the literal occurrence, (fortunately no one was injured or hurt, at least not physically) the primary focus here is on the metaphors of the experience.

The Awareness

Two things come to mind for me and they are: everything that happens in our reality is showing us something and that if we don’t release or express our emotions they will manifest in some shape or form in our reality. This could manifest as a heated conversation or witnessing or even being in a car crash. And although there is a literal meaning to each, I also see that there is a metaphorical meaning also involved.

Instant Manifestation

This event has also demonstrated how fast we can manifest in our life when there is a high level of focus, emotion and certainty involved. It could be said that how I felt throughout the day and maybe even before then attracted the event and maybe how I felt just before what happened attracted the experience into my life.

Are We Just Observing The Drama And Conflict In The World?

It has also shown to me that the drama and tension in the world is not just something we are observing. And that if we are not taking responsibility for our own emotional wellbeing, we could actually be feeding into these very events at a deeper level. The other side to this is that these events could also be a form of catharsis at a local level and also at a global level. With their also being an unconscious need for conflict and drama to happen, as a way for our own body to release repressed emotions.

Releasing Our Emotions

It also highlighted to me how important it is to let go and express our emotions. Life might not always give us what we want or as fast as we want it and this can naturally lead to frustration and other similar emotions. All of which can build up within us if they are not released in some way. With this release being a constant process in our life and not a one off occurrence, although it can be a different need each time that is causing the internal conflict.

This process of releasing our emotions can be through the achievement or closure of a certain goal or need that we perceive is causing us to feel as we do. And if we haven’t got to that stage then it could be through other means that will give us a short term or momentary release; such as exercising, socialising, eating, martial arts, writing, volunteering and many other activities.

With emotions being so abstract in nature and not having the same requirements as a physical problem, there can be confusion with how to go about dealing with them. I believe it is out of this confusion and also the denial of them that is one of the causes of the drug, crime, alcohol and health problems in our society.

Where Did The Confusion Begin?

When it comes to our early education and even our education into our teenage years; there is typically not one subject or lesson that explains how our emotions work and or how to deal with them. The majority of our education is made up of subjects that represent the left brain; which are about logic and reason. However, it is clear to see that when we are feeling highly emotional, using logic won’t get us very far.

Of course it could be argued that it is up to people to take responsibility for their emotional health. And some people do and some people don’t. But the question I ask is; if we are not taught about these aspects in our younger years, why would we even think about doing something about them later on in life!? As after years of emotional accumulation and the suffering that this causes, the last thing we typically want to do is have to face them.

We are also conditioned to believe that we are our mind; when in reality we are the observers of the mind and not the mind itself. Realising this gives one the opportunity to step back, to observe ones emotions, instead of constantly trying to fight them.

Drugs, Alcohol and Food

So naturally there will be a tendency for the use of drugs, alcohol and even food to numb our emotions that can cause us so much pain and frustration. My outlook is that; if we are not informed about the nature of emotions during our education; then these substances can seem like the only option available for many people. Of course they can be judged and condemned, but I think it is important to question why they are being consumed in such large amounts in the first place.

Final Thoughts

After many years of emotional neglect; there importance and how they not only affect individuals, but society as a whole is beginning to become clear. Through the work of people like Daniel Goleman and his work on emotional intelligence and the EQ model awareness is ever increasing.

I don’t believe Emotions are the ‘be and end all’ of life; however I believe they are a vital element in leading a happy and functional life.

My name is Oliver Cooper, I been have been interested in this area for over seven years and I have just started to express my current understanding with these writings. One of my aims is to be a catalyst to others, as other people have been to me.
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