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Coping Strategies for Stress – Using Aromatherapy to Help Fight Stress

Posted by at 30 September, 2011, 8:21 pm

Did you know that you can use aromatherapy as part of your coping strategies for stress? Whilst some are sceptical about the power of alternative therapies to help and heal, aromatherapy has been shown in studies to help fight stress. Read on to find out how you can use aromatherapy to calm and relieve your stress and its symptoms.

Aromatherapy is a method of using scents or aromas, generally produced from plant essential oils, to create balance and healing in the body and mind. Think for a moment about the power of smell. Have you ever been overtaken by a scent that took you straight back to a past memory or reminded you of a person who is long since out of your life? Our sense of smell is very powerful and can produce impressive effects in the body and mind.

Aromatherapy works by stimulating our sense of smell, through the olfactory nerves in our nose. This affects our limbic system which is the part of the brain which regulates our moods, emotions and behaviour. This part of our brain also exerts control over our hormones and stress levels. It is thought to have evolved to manage our fight or flight response, an essential part of our reaction to stress.

It is therefore not surprising that scents can have a powerful effect on state of mind and emotions and, therefore, that certain essential oils should be effective in treating certain states of mind, such as stress. The main method of aromatherapy treatment is by inhalation which invokes the response in the brain specified above. And if our mind is responsible for producing the symptoms of stress in the body, then improving our state of mind can only help our stress symptoms. Studies have shown inhalation of essential oils to reduce blood pressure, pulse rate, subjective stress, anxiety and cortisol levels (the “stress hormone”).[1][2]


Research has shown that our brainwaves are affected by aromatherapy. The frequency of our brainwaves corresponds to our state of activity or relaxation. For example, a brain actively engaged in mental activities would be generating beta brainwaves, whereas alpha brainwaves would indicate a more relaxed state of mind. John Steele and Robert Tisserand showed that when calming oils are inhaled, they alter our brainwaves to a pattern of calmness[3]. Lavender has been found to produce the effect of alpha brainwaves. To relieve stress we would want to relax and it is no coincidence that Lavender is one of the most cited essential oils for stress relief.

Another method of applying aromatherapy is through topical application, directly onto the skin. The oils are absorbed into the body through the skin and there is evidence that the chemical compounds contained within have antibacterial and antioxidant properties and a beneficial effect on various tissues.

So, how can we best use aromatherapy to reduce our stress levels? Well, anything that is scented with an aroma that is known to help relax the mind should be able to help, although to a degree, the scents that relax us can be subjective. However, some of the fragrances which are most soothing for stress relief are lavender, camomile, sandalwood and ylang-ylang.

Adding aromatherapy oils to our bath can increase the relaxation benefits that we gain due to inhalation of the oils. Oils can also be inhaled via oil burners, on a tissue or using incense. You can also find candles, room fragrances and pillow sprays especially sold as stress relief products. And there are even scented “stress relief wraps” to apply, hot or cold, as compresses to stressed, tired muscles and joints.

Another fantastic way of relieving stress with aromatherapy is using massage. Professional massages will generally involve the use of aromatherapy oils, tailored to any symptoms from which you are suffering. You can also “do it yourself”. There are ready mixed stress relief massage oils available or you can mix your own by following a formula which you find in a book or on the internet.

So, now that you know that aromatherapy has been shown to relieve symptoms of stress and help sufferers, why not try it in your own campaign to fight stress. Make it a part of your regular stress coping strategies and see how much it can help you.

References – 1. The effects of the inhalation method using essential oils on blood pressure and stress responses of clients with essential hypertension, Hwang JH, Taehan Kanho Hakhoe Chi. 2006 Dec;36(7):1123-34. – 2. Smelling lavender and rosemary increases free radical scavenging activity and decreases cortisol level in saliva, Atsumi T, Tonosaki K, Psychiatry Res. 2007 Feb 28;150(1):89-96. Epub 2007 Feb 7. 3. John Steele (aromatic consultant) from Wikipedia

For relief from tension and anxiety, check out these coping strategies for stress that can help you devise a plan to cope with and manage stress. Alternatively, for more ways to manage and relieve stress, find out more about how to fight stress.
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Using Your Breath to Fight Stress and Improve Well-Being

Posted by at 30 September, 2011, 2:41 am

If you are looking for simple ways to fight stress then regulating your breathing can help. Our breath is a natural and most important function of life and carries our chi or vital life energy. It is a known fact that if we stop breathing for long enough, then we die. Despite this fact, most of us take our breathing for granted and rarely stop to think about it. Find out how breathing properly can help to relieve symptoms of stress and calm and relax your mind.

When we are stressed, our body responds in preparation for “fight or flight” and we suffer various symptoms such as sweating, increased pulse rate, racing heart, and fast, shallow breathing. In earlier times this was necessary for our survival when hunting or protecting ourselves. However today it is usually only our perception of danger or negative thoughts that produce this reaction, so the body has few ways to deal with the effects.

Regular attacks of stress and anxiety start to turn our fast, shallow breathing into a habit. They may decrease our ability to breathe properly and could leave us with breathing difficulties such as hyperventilation or asthma. Often in today’s society, we do little aerobic exercise and therefore we rarely breathe deeply. Our breathing simply becomes shallower than it needs to be as a matter of habit.


Just as stress and other states of mind affect our breathing, the way that we breathe affects our state of mind. When we breathe, we are taking in oxygen through the lungs to the brain and the cells in the body. Shallow breathing can affect the amount of oxygen circulating in the body. This makes us feel sluggish. The way we breathe also affects the amount of energy in our bodies. When our breathing is irregular and erratic, we are likely to feel lacking in energy.

Of course, it is not just the body that is affected by the way that we breathe but the mind also. For centuries disciplines such as yoga and meditation have involved using the breath as part of their techniques. Use of the breath is an important part of performing yoga postures. Breathing meditation is common to calm the mind as part of preparative practices for meditation. Breathing meditation consists of watching the breath as we breathe in and out whilst trying to ignore all other distractions to the best of our ability. Concentrating on the breath has long been known to quiet and calm the mind.

In the same way as used in meditation, breathing exercises can be used to fight stress and quiet the mind and body. These are great because they are simple and free and you can do them anywhere. Simply concentrating on our breathing whilst drawing deeper, slower breaths can help us to relieve stress and relax our minds. Breathe deeply through your nose and feel your diaphragm move. Watch the breathe coming in and going out. Try to ignore all other distractions. Make sure, however, that you don’t breathe so deeply that you get light headed.

When you breathe, allow yourself to enjoy the experience of being a living being. Mostly we forget to do this and move through life very unconsciously. When we can quiet our minds we can find peace and receive insights and access to our subconscious. Only when we become conscious of how we breathe, can we start to correct this.

So, to fight stress and find more energy, try watching your breath to make sure you are breathing efficiently. Get into the habit of taking deeper breaths. Improve your breathing through breathing exercises and regular aerobic exercise. Breathing properly will help you to cope with stress and improve your well-being.

Meditation is a powerful tool to aid stress relief and well-being. Used regularly it can help you to clear and calm your mind. Try the easiest way to meditate with a brainwave entrainment meditation download and experience the benefits for yourself. For further help in dealing with stress get more information on how to fight stress.
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Self-hypnosis and Positive affirmations

Posted by at 29 September, 2011, 5:25 am

If you sometimes have difficulty with self-esteem, routines you are able to break, or even fears and anxiety, the use of affirmations could be a useful gizmo to help you build higher personal-acceptance and set negative thoughts and actions aside.


What’s positive affirmation?




An optimistic acceptance is simply a declaration that you simply give yourself to remove negative or even detrimental thoughts.  Psychologists have discovered that people frequently participate in negative self-talk mentally, in which they inform on their own all of the “may nots” as well as “shoulds” and “don’ts” which keep them through realizing their full potential.


Allow to say a person is learning to have much less concern with speaking in public.  A positive acceptance you could have will be:  “I am strong and assured when I speak prior to other people, plus they are interested in everything I only say.”  Should you say this enough times, you really will start to believe it?


But when you want to give an actual kick-begin to an affirmation, try it along with an easy relaxation as well as personal-hypnosis physical exercise.  When your mind is in it’s the majority of calm and concentrated condition, it’s simpler to truly internalize the message you are trying to give yourself.



Relaxation/personal-hypnosis physical exercise.


If you wish to attempt the power of good affirmation through personal-hypnosis, start with this straightforward physical exercise:


1. Extend out in a basic, personal place.  Close your eyes and allow your entire body negotiates comfortably.

2. Begin by getting 4 -5 heavy cleansing breaths.  Inhale slowly as well as seriously, hold the inhale for many seconds, and then allow it to away again slowly.  Any time you exhale, suppose just about all negative thoughts are leaving your body with every cleaning inhale.

3. Relax your muscles groups.  Progress the body, tightening and calming every muscle.  Begin with your own toes as well as move up for your face muscles.  For instance, when you clench your toes, maintain these types of muscle tissue tightly for around five seconds, watching the feeling of rigidity.  Gradually let the muscle tissue unclenches, noticing the sensation of relaxation that makes its way into your muscles.

4. Once you have relaxed your whole body, you’re ready for the next action.

5. Suppose you are moving toward the most amazing and peaceful place you realize.  It can be a beach from setting sun or even the look at from the ski lodge perched on the snowy crown.  Whatever picture makes you feel content and peaceful works.  To reach at your tranquil place, picture needing to walk down a flight of 10 steps.  As you begin at the top of the steps, inform yourself that you simply are calm as well as tranquil.  At each step, give yourself relaxing and good information.  Whenever you get to the bottom of the stairs, take on the place you’ve thought and permit you to ultimately bask in its elegance.  Whilst experiencing the picture, begin to give yourself positive affirmations about your area of interest.  Using the prior example, you might say, “As I really feel more tranquil and focused here, I know that I may carry this peace beside me when I speak to other people.”  Encourage yourself in this manner for many moments.

6. Imagine yourself walking support the flight, with each step symbolizing a move closer to the “actual” globe.  At each action, still have a positive acceptance:  “When I reach the top of these actions, I’ll be conscious and notify– prepared to encounter the world along with greater self-confidence.”

7. When you reach the last step, before you decide to open up your vision, give yourself 1 last affirmation, after which tell yourself that you are going to open your eyes and really feel completely conscious, notify, and relaxed.

8. Open up your vision and be ready to come out as well as overcome the planet!

If you like this article and want to read more about Positive Affirmations Then please visit our website here: Positive Affirmations For Success.
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Worry – Breaking the Number 1 National Habit

Posted by at 28 September, 2011, 7:39 am

Everybody worries. It is practically a national pastime – the #1 habit of stress. The whole world worries about peace and health. Worry is common for human beings. Imagine if we could put a dollar value on the energy that is spent everyday in the world by people worrying. For sure, it would be more than the U.S. defense, agriculture, and health budgets combined.

Nobody likes to worry, but we often feel it is impossible to give up. But, is worrying right? Do we really need to worry?

If the majority of people in the world worry, does it mean that worrying is the right thing to do? Why do we worry . . . and why shouldn’t we? For the most part, we think that by worrying we can achieve something or solve a problem. But worrying does not solve anything; it doesn’t achieve any practical solution and it only raises our levels of stress.

We worry about many things. The future, money, life, relationships, kids, lovers, a nice place to live, overcoming depression, a good job, world peace, good health and more. Everybody worries about achieving these things. If you don’t worry, you aren’t like the majority of people around you, you might not even be perceived as normal. In our society, it is a common form of stress management to take medication, smoke cigarettes, drink or use drugs-all in the hopes of coping with stress and worry. Why do we worry? We worry when we don’t know what is going to happen and we feel that we have no control over life.


We focus our energy and try to solve problems by thinking, but our thinking seldom results in solutions. We focus, we think, we feel bad, we panic and we feel we have no way out. Often our worry leads us into more depression. And regardless of how much we worry, it is often quite pointless because whatever happens is usually completely different than what we have anticipated. So just incase you didn’t already know, worrying is a complete waste of energy – a waste of life. Through proper relaxation training, we can learn how to not worry. We can learn how to relax and surrender ourselves to positive energy. We don’t have to “do anything” but rather, just “be.” Soon we learn that worry doesn’t stem from outside factors, but rather comes from inside ourselves.

Committing to relaxation training with skilled experts helps us to realize that there is a reason for everything, a cause and a remedy for everything. Every situation has a solution and we just have to find it. While we are searching we feel good and not so helpless, so we just keep on searching and we don’t give up. The more knowledge we have, the more peace we have. We see possibilities, so we have a future.

If you want to solve your worry as well as the problem that you are worried about, you need to learn about new possibilities to life and new creative opportunities. Because if there is always another new possibility, another chance, another solution, another challenge, there is no opportunity for worry. Then there is a lot of positive energy and purpose for living.

The more you worry the less energy you can receive. The less energy you receive the more you will worry. The less you worry, the more energy you can receive. And the more energy you receive, the less you can worry. Kind of confusing? Not to worry! Ha ha ha… If we just start spending more time in a state of natural relaxation and looking for qualities such as peace, health and happiness, worry and stress simply fall by the wayside. That is when we see things in a whole different perspective.

Founder and Director of the Inspirational Learning Academy in Sedona Arizona. Jimmy Allen is the director of the iRelaxNow relaxation programs. For over 25 years, he has helped thousands of children and adults improve the quality of their health, happiness and peace. Try a FREE live-online workshop at or contact him at
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Let Me Tell you your Story

Posted by at 27 September, 2011, 7:33 pm

Let Me Tell You Your Story

It is your story. Everybody’s story. Words may be mine, but experiences are yours.

Let me tell you your story.

A time comes in an individual’s life when he or she is in a waiting mode. Waiting for a news that would surely turn your life around for the better. Wating for results of your ‘karma’ or work which you did quite some time back. But the waiting has continued for too long, far too long.

I have passed through this several times in my life of 47 years. And I have been passing through this for last 15 months. And my waiting seems perpetual.

What should one do in such circumstances? Withdraw into one’s shell and wait for the news your ears are pining to hear? A news that may or may not come!

No, this is not the desirable course. You plant a seed of a coconut tree. It sprouts. You start taking a parental interest in the sapling’s growth. You tend it regulalrly, give it water, manure and an insecticide spray, off and on. You want the sapling to become a full-sized tree and start bearing fruits. You are desperate. But no amount of watering or manuring will hasten the Nature’s clock. You may water the sapling with a hundred pitchers, but it would bear fruit only when the time comes.

Let me give another example. You may have been scoring excellent grades in your final year’s college exams and you have already started dreaming about landing up a cushy job. It’s not dreaming, you may protest. You have done your bit and are quite justified in waiting for the returns, you may argue. Besides, your family’s financial position is such that it is eagerly looking forward to get a job to run the household.


But wait, you are worrying too much for things that are beyond your control. You can be sure that worry and anxiety are the best grave-diggers God has ever created. No, a correction. Worry and anxiety are the best grave-diggers Man has ever created. It is in this context that the central message of “The Bhagvad Gita”, the bedrock of Hindu philosophy, is relevant: ” Do your work and forget about the fruits”.

But the Gita has a very important message, which is highly pertinent in this context. Please read and re-read and re-read this message for your own good: “Let yourself raise yourself by yourself. Let not debase yourself. Love yourself. Fear yourself. For you are the best friend of yourself and you are the worst enemy of yourself.”

My life has taught me an important lesson thus far: surrender yourself to cosmic forces. For these forces are beyond control of humans.

I have already surrendered to the cosmic forces beyond my control. I am beginning to have faith in Lord Krishna, the most colourful of all hindu gods. Let me elaborate this thought by narrating you a small episode from the most celebrated Hindu epic “Mahabharata”.

(By the way, “Mahabharata” is the longest epic in the world. It has one hundred thousand stanzas. One hundred thousand fully developed characters. There is no emotion, thought, dream, action or philosophy on earth which is not described in this epic.)

“Mahabharata” has a central woman character, Draupadi. The stunning beauty is the wife of the five Pandavas, princes who are having a running feud with their hundred step brothers, Kauravas. When the Pandavas lose everything — their

kingdom, their wealth, their own selves, and even

Draupadi — to the Kauravas in a game of dice, Draupadi is ordered to be stripped naked in the open court of King Dhritrashtra. The court is jam-packed. Draupadi is pulled by her hair and dragged to the court. Her stripping starts. She holds her ‘sari’ (a six-metre cloth intricately wrapped around the body by women in South Asia) by her teeth as she is being disrobed.

She keeps chanting the name of Lord Krishna and seeks His help, her sari still being held by her teeth. nothing happens. Finally she lets the sari go off her teeth. And the marvel unravels. More and more saris start coming out from nowhere as

her disrobing is in full swing. A sari mountain gets formed in the court but there is no end of Draupdi’s sari. Finally, the sari puller gets exhausted and faints.

The moral of the story: the Lord helps you only when you completely surrender yourself to Him and throw yourself at His mercy.

I am like Draupadi today. Long long ago, I let the sari go from the clutches of my teeth. I am sure He will come to my rescue.

What about you?


Rajeev Sharma is a journalist-author based in New Delhi, India
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Every day Affirmations: Meditating Tension Aside

Posted by at 27 September, 2011, 1:32 am

Maybe you have considered meditating as a way to decrease stress, anxiety, depressive disorders, concern, and other dis-ease within your body?  Stress and feeling changes play a substantial role within the types of sickness that your entire body encounters.  Probably the most beneficial ways to relieve tension is actually deep breathing. There are many methods meditation can certainly help in your passage towards overall health. Meditation can be as simple because silently near a fire, looking at the lighted candlestick, walking on the beach at dawn or creating a tranquil place to listen to deep breathing videos. Attempt different methods until you find the ones that are right for you. Deep breathing will work for the body, mind as well as spirit, and impacts the caliber of your lifetime inside a positive method.  Nothing is better than a sense of internal peace through meditating. Having a sense associated with peace of mind, existence could be more pleasurable and fruitful.


Daily relaxation techniques – how can they assist to lessen stress?


This is really a known fact that every day, affirmations are among the types of meditation techniques which you can use in order to decrease unwanted emotions associated with sickness throughout your body.  According to Wikipedia, “Affirmations within New Age and New Thought terminology pertains mainly towards the practice of positive thinking —cultivating a belief that ‘a positive attitude based on affirmations may achieve success within anything.’ More specifically a good acceptance is a very carefully formatted statement that should be repetitive to one’s and written down frequently. To have an acceptance to be effective, it needs to be present tense, positive, personal and particular” (Wikipedia).



Watch Laura Sylva discussing steps to start a winning day time ideas




What would be the most powerful affirmations?




The more positive, personal, and specific the actual affirmation is actually, the more effective it will likely be for that individual reciting the acceptance.  One more thing that is important is that the acceptance be recited every day and preferably simultaneously every single day.  By saying the everyday affirmation simultaneously every single day, it will turn out to be engrained inside your subconscious, which will after that becomes instantly recited as a habit.  It takes a 3 week period to have an acceptance to become chronic to the point that the subconscious may remember it and be 2nd character.  It might be a part of your own being, i.e. entire body, thoughts, and spirit.  Therefore, allows check out a few of the daily affirmations that will help the body, mind, and spirit.  They are taken from “…publications filled with super-effective statements and affirmations are Open Proper effort into Wealth by Catherine Ponder (DeVorss & Company, Publishers). Here are a few chosen statements and affirmations taken from the woman’s book:


Clearing out the old


We Right now LET GO OF WORN-OUT Points, WORN-OUT Problems, As well as WORN-OUT RELATIONSHIPS. DIVINE Purchase Has become ESTABLISHED AND MAINTAINED IN ME As well as my personal WORLD

We Release As well as TRUST



I FORGIVE Everything As well as Everyone WHO CAN Perhaps Require Pardon IN MY Previous As well as Existing. We Favorably FORGIVE EVERYONE. I’m FREE, And all sorts of other medication is totally free TOO. ALL THINGS tend to be CLEARED UP In between All of us, NOW As well as permanently.



I’m A DIVINE IDEA within the MIND Associated with Lord, And that i AM NOW Led In to My personal TRUE Location WITH THE Accurate PEOPLE AND WITH THE Accurate Wealth

I’m Encompassed by DIVINE Material Which Elysian SUBSTANCE NOW Exhibits Personally IN RICH Suitable FORM

I TRUST the actual UNIVERSAL Nature Associated with PROSPERITY to supply Highly FOR ME NOW “(Ponder).

A few tips with regard to preparing yourself in order to read as well as have the everyday affirmations tend to be because follow:


“Perform your statements and affirmations daily, at the same time – early morning is nice

Relax and meditate just for a couple moments before the statements and affirmations to connect with your higher personal as well as spirit guides

Speak the statements and affirmations clearly as well as slowly

Affirm along with meaning as well as sensation

Feel the power behind your words, proclamations as well as declarations

Relax for any moment later on to complete the plug-in from the affirmations “

For those who have without doubt in your mind that the affirmations can come to show itself within the physical world, then you shall receive that which you intended through saying as well as focusing on the acceptance.  If you place your own will as well as intent at the rear of the power used to show itself the required end result, then it will arrived at pass; simply think!  The only real term associated with caution is to be individual using the universe whilst awaiting your own intention to manifest, and also have an open mind.  The actual world works on its own conditions, and the manifestation will come within an unpredicted type.



If you like this article and want to read more about Daily Affirmations Then please visit our website here: Wealth Affirmations.
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Free Yourself from Stress and Improve Your Intelligence Faster

Posted by at 26 September, 2011, 10:15 am

Stress is something most people have got used with. Is that sensation which prevents you to relax and forget about your problems, the feeling you get when you are under pressure and feel like you can no longer cope with all the tasks you are given and with all the problems you have to face. Stress is that sensation which does not let you eat or sleep or allows you to fully enjoy the minutes spent with your dear ones.

The majority of the world population suffers from this “disease” called stress. Most of them, as mentioned previously, have got used with it. Yet, this does not mean that they are not affected by the harmful effects of stress, such as loss of appetite, sleep disorders, weight loss, as well as different sores and paints. One of the organs which are most affected by stress is the brain. Feelings of anxiety, nervousness, memory problems, focusing problems and panic attacks are only few of the mental conditions which can result when the brain has too face periods which too much pressure and stress.

In addition to that, the increase of intelligence is practically impossible when it is under the harmful effects of stress. The reasons are multiple and quite easy to understand. First, losing your power of focusing and your patience you no longer have any chance of learning anything, thus you no longer train your brain, fact which results in failing to acquire new information and even start to lose some of the information you already got. Secondly, stress affects your capacity of resting and when your brain is tired, it refuses to collaborate. Thus, any intellectual activity is stopped, preventing your brain from increasing its abilities. Last, but not least, the eating disorders and lack of sleep which are effects of stress have a significant contribution in stopping any mental activity and intellectual expansion.

Thus, if you are thinking of increasing your intelligence, you should first learn how to totally eliminate stress from your life, as this is the time when your brain will start using all its powers and work at its high power. Only afterwards should you start a program which will enable your brain to increase its IQ.

Learn more about how you can ban stress from your life and how you can increase your intelligence by reading…. You will find there precious information about the way your brain functions and about the steps you have to undergo in order to improve your IQ.

Learn more about how you can ban stress from your life and how you can increase your intelligence by reading…. You will find there precious information about the way your brain functions and about the steps you have to undergo in order to improve your IQ. Click Here to Learn More
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Driving for Stress Relief

Posted by at 25 September, 2011, 9:08 pm

One of the most effective methods of stress relief for me has always been the simple act of getting in the car and going for a drive – there is no particular destination in mind, because its the drive itself that is the end point sought (or the means to end). I find this effective because, in putting some distance – if only briefly – between myself and the source of stress, I often gain a perspective that either allows me to see way to deal with the source of the stress, or the distance involved – and the activity of driving – relieves some of the tension involved and serves to at least make it feel less overwhelming and allow me to better cope with this stress.

Driving works for me because I’ve always enjoyed the open road and felt a sense of freedom when I’m on  it. It helps that I own a car, though other activities can be substituted for those who don’t – and those who do as well, since driving is just one tool; you could substitute cycling, rollerblading, or skiing, or simply going for a long walk (to name just a few of the many possible substitutions that will work as well or better).

The open road is the key variable in this stress relief equation – I don’t enjoy navigating through traffic, nor s dealing with stop and go traffic (and I suspect I’m not alone in this). When I feel the need to “get away,” and sometimes getting away for a little bit can clear the mind and provide some perspective (or enable one to see the trees in the forest, to spin an old cliche), I find the shortest route to a lightly traveled road that is free, or at least relatively free, of stop signs and traffic lights. This is a  stress relief tool from a toolbox of many different stress relief techniques; though there are times when this isn’t practical, nor the appropriate stress relief tool to use, its often exactly what I need, and all that I need.


As stress itself has no single cause, but can be the result of many different causes (and often we feel stress as the cumulative affect of something that builds up, several things that happen in a short period of time, or things that seem to snowball or spiral out of control), there is no single “one size fits all” approach to stress relief, nor even one single solution that will work effectively 100% of the time. Therefore to find methods of managing and coping with stress, there’s simply no substitute for trying different methods to see if they work for you. This is one of the stress relief techniques that I’ve identified as being among the stress management methods that works for me, and I’ve discovered a simple trick that makes it even more an effective form of stress relief for me.

The simple trick I use to make driving an even more potent form of stress relief for me? I load up a playlist of songs that i especially enjoy when I’m on the road, crank the volume to a comfortable level, and then head out of my driveway. This is an application of the compound principle:a synergistic mechanism that employs, in harmony, two or more techniques silmultaneously, to create an outcome that is more potent than what either method would achieve alone.With this particular application of the principle, the mechanics involved are visual stimuli (driving requires the full devotion of our visual attention to our surroundings and the road ahead), kinetic stimuli (it makes use of the physical activity involved in driving, such as steering the vehicle and manipulating the accelerator and brake pedals), and finally we add – through music – an auditory component as well. As driving and listening to music are, independently, effective forms of stress relief for many, in combining the two we create a more potent form of stress relief that requires no more time or effort than using either of them independently.

Learning to manage and cope with stress is a process that involves learning about tools like these, trying the ones that are practical under the circumstances, and through this process, assembling your own toolbox that – in the end – will be uniquely your own as it’ll consist of several different techniques that work for you and which work in different situations.

I studied my B.A. program at Memorial University, where I majored in Sociology and minored in Psychology. While there I completed a Certificate in Criminology in 2001. I’ve since worked in the field of addictions and substance abuse treatment, at an inpatient treatment facility. My current project is my website Stress Tips where I focus on tackling the problem of stress with effective solutions that provide real stress relief to my readers.
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How to beat stress and worry to lead a healthy life

Posted by at 25 September, 2011, 4:55 am

If you have a situation that is causing inconvenience for you and that immediately needs attention, then you are worried. Worry is a word that is quite familiar to almost every human being as at some point of time you are bound to get worried about some issues. When you are worried you feel the adrenaline rush in your system that will help you cope with the worry. After the situation is dealt with the worried sensation subsides.


However there are people who are always worried. No matter what happens they always look worried. If they have nothing to worry they get really confused and look lost. This sort of nature does them more harm than benefit. A person gradually turns dull and loses his capacity to do things properly. He becomes jittery and gets nervous for any trivial reason. He has an unhappy look in his face and looks much aged than he actually is. He is seen biting his nail; remains twitchy and needs attentiveness. 


As far as his mental condition is concerned, it gets worse. He loses the capacity of engaging in logical thought process. He is so worried about different situations that even the daily activities prove to be too much for him to handle. He is always under the apprehension that something bad will happen to him.



You can keep on worrying all you want, however that will never lead to a solution to your problems. In fact it will make you feel that the problem is much more difficult than it actually is and you will be so pre-occupied worrying that often you will overlook a real simple solution to it. It also plays a vital role in minimizing your self-confidence and self-esteem. People are unable to use their intelligence and troubleshooting abilities. They feel irritated, edgy and that they are unable to deal with the problems in life.


There are ways to deal with this problem of worrying. For a start try to get into details about what is causing you problems. Get a pen and paper and if possible write it down. Analyze what are your positive aspects and strong and confident areas. The moment you start facing these issues in an organized way you will start feeling a lot lighter as these problems will seem easier to overcome.


It is all in your mind. If you have not yet believed in the powers of your mind, then you should do so, because there are very little things that you cannot do if your mind tells that you can. SO stop transmitting negative and discouraging messages in your mind. You will generally be relaxed.


One of the best ways to beat stress and worry is to do something that will distract and refresh you when you are worried. Be calm. If possible do some exercises that will help you relax. These exercises really go a long way in reducing worries and stress.

It is all about your willingness to be free from worry and stress. If you are strong enough to resolve that you want to be relaxed and happy, then you will definitely be free of worry.

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How to Release Stress in 5 Minutes

Posted by at 24 September, 2011, 12:08 pm

Stress does not only affect a person emotionally but also physically. It does make your heart beat faster and puts a strain in your heart. When you get older, all these stress add up and may cause something negative to your body. It is important that as early as childhood, you learn on how to handle stress and release it. This will help you to lessen the intensity of stress and will make you healthy until you grow old. Aside from keeping you healthy, learning stress release can also make your life more pleasing and enjoyable.

Here are some of the simple ways on how you can release stress in 5 minutes.

Breathe deeply.
When you are stressed, your breathing becomes quicker and shallow. If you practice deep breathing at the moment, you will then feel relaxed. Deep breathing purifies the blood, provides more energy, and calms the mind and the body. When you practice it, you will maintain a good mental and physical health.

Loosen tensed muscles. When you get stressed, your adrenaline goes into your blood stream and makes your heart beats faster. You should pay attention to which muscles are contracting and you should loosen them up. You can start by loosening your clothes, taking off your shoes and getting comfortable. Then, starting from your right foot, tighten it up and relax it. You can move slowly up through your body, contracting and relaxing the muscle groups as you go.

Tell yourself to “relax”. Gently tell yourself to relax. This will make you more aware of what you feel and will give you more control of your emotion. You can find a quiet environment either at home or in school where there are no distractions and interruptions. You could also find a comfortable position like sitting up with your spine straight in a chair or floor. You should also try to divert yourself to a point of focus. You can focus on an object in your surroundings. This will enhance your concentration while you are trying to relax.

These 3 ways are easy to do either you are at home or in school. Children, like you, should learn and practice these ways for these can give a lot of benefit. When you are relaxed, you will feel better. You become more creative, productive and friendlier to other people. You can use these tips whenever you feel stressed. These will make you into a positive person who knows how to handle yourself despite of all the pressure and trials in life.

Release stress in 5 minutes!

Dr. John E. Neyman, Jr.Christian CounselorDr. John has reared 3 children, Philip, Laura, and Matthew. Dr. John has been teaching families for the last 30 years. He is a family coach that specializes in parenting. Dr. John’s motto is “Empowering parents to transform their homes.” Dr. John was a pastor for 25 years.Dr. John has been serving as a Counselor/therapist for 30 years. He is currently a Behavior Specialist Consultant and Mobile Therapist in Western PA. Dr. John also is the director /Owner of the Renewed Life Counseling Center. Dr. John is a bestselling author entitled Wake up Live the Life You love: Success and Wake up Live the Life You Love: Freedom.Dr. John has developed a strategy that parents are able to use immediately, and effectively. It is entitled Power moments with Your Children. It takes less than 1 minute to put a strategy into place. Dr. John holds degrees from Liberty University and Rochville University.Dr. John has a passion to teach principles that transforms lives. He has spoken to audiences from 4 to 4 thousand. Dr. John’s teachings are practical, pointed, and powerful.
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