The Kotan Method

Discover The The Simple Truths To Happiness & Success
whether it’s at Work or at Play…

What’s Your Biggest Challenge..Right NOW!

Whether it’s at home or at work, do you find
yourself asking these questions?…

“Why” Do I Keep Hitting These Road Blocks And Getting No Where?
“How” Can I Get The Success I Deserve?
“What If” You Could Tap Into The Secrets Of How?…

Have You Been Hit By The Financial Crises, And Is All The Doom And Gloom Driving You Crazy..it certainly is for me?

With all the turmoil in the world and stock markets, many people and businesses
are facing increased pressures and challenges in all areas of both their operations and their lives. It doesn’t matter what it is for example, increased prices, cost, customer satisfaction performance, productivity or the holy grail of work / home balance the end result is the same!..HELP!

Work and Home life are linked and no matter what anyone says it hits you right between the eyes, both at work and at home. In the end you don’t get the success you wanted and in the end YOUR BUSINESS and its BOTTOM LINE suffer!

The simple truth that gets lost in all the bad press and doom and gloom around
these days is that:
“Performance and that word profit is driven by95% PEOPLE and 5% Systems”
Performance improvement, productivity or sales growth are all
dependant on people in any business. Having the best systems in the world
doesn’t help if your people don’t use them!

Getting the right mindset, determines BEHAVIOURS and this more importantly
drives RESULTS. Challenging the “status quo” with the underlying attitudes and
beliefs are KEY to achieveing SUCCESS VERY QUICKLY.
Focusing not on goals but on “OUTCOMES” which are SMART, i.e.
Specific, Measurable, As if now, Realistic, & Timed are what Delivers buy-in and
Commitment that gets RESULTS.

“The Kotan Method”, based on 25 years of industry experience and research
addresses the 95% to deliver maximum value to businesses, employees and individuals.
“The Kotan Method” is a practical approach that reads between the lines and focuses
on businesses key assets of people and the:
“Performance Cycle” = Attitudes -drives- Behaviours -drives- Results,
and the tools to deliver outcomes on a consistent and sustainable basis to you and
your business.

Kotan Australia” will impact your businesses performance and help you
Using these tools you will realise that:

  • It Is Possible to create a successful business that will provide you financial success
  • It Is Possible to have the freedom and security you have always wanted and deserved
  • It Is Possible to have free time, rather than feel constantly that time controls you!

We all like to think that we are unique and we do things differently to everybody else, well that’s true, but remember you don’t have to reinvent the wheel! So why not learn from others and base what you do on the best that is around, i.e. use a model of someone or a business that is doing things which is doing things the best. That’s being smart about how you get success quickly without the ugly pitfalls that many people and businesses make far too often.

Now..here’s the PR bit I am sure you have been waiting for..The Kotan Method that has been developed over the last 25 years on getting things right and achieving the success that you have not just wanted but deserved. The best way to find out about it is to go and have a look at the website: www.kotanaustralia.com and drop me a note and find out more! You never know I may just not be talking through my hat, and you will have something that you can take to the bank!

So let’s put your thoughts and words into action to deliver real and practical change with
results and outcomes you want in both your personal and business needs!

I look forward to not just hearing from you but also working with you…to your success…

Paul Mracek, CEO Kotan Australia

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