Channelize the Power of the Subconscious Mind to Achieve Personal Growth and Improvement

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Every person faces many challenges throughout life. Living a productive life itself is a challenge, because the human mind is influenced and affected by so many external circumstances. A person’s family, friends, upbringing, the institutions he attends, the information he acquires from the surroundings, and his own inherent perceptions all play a part in shaping his character, and subsequently his life. Most people are not completely at peace with every aspect of their lives. They always feel that there is a need and scope for self improvement.

People whose self esteem is low believe that others are superior to them and have better ability and potential. Such people do not trust themselves to make decisions, and are afraid of looking stupid in a crowd. People with low self confidence find it difficult to express their individuality, and succumb to the desires and expectations of others.

Personal development occurs only when you are able to productively channelize your emotions, energy and skills for your own betterment. The conscious mind generates thoughts. The subconscious mind forms beliefs and habits based on those thoughts. Self-improvement is possible only if you can recondition your subconscious mind, to enable it to change its beliefs and habits.


The subconscious mind learns through repetition and affirmations. Every person forms his beliefs and habits by repetition, and can implant new ones the same way. The first step towards changing your beliefs and habits is to know what you really want to achieve.

One way to recondition the subconscious mind is through positive affirmations. You should converse with yourself in first person (even if this sounds crazy), and tell yourself positive things like, “I feel happy now that I have finished my assignment in time”. Then you should ask yourself a counter question – “why do I feel happy now that I have finished my assignment on time?” When your mind answers this question, it empowers you with logic and reason. Repeatedly using positive affirmations and questioning helps you make sense of everything bothering you. You can then begin to implant new beliefs in your mind, by telling yourself that you actually are what you would like to be. For example, “I am a very energetic and admirable person”.

Appreciation of constructive criticism is essential because it helps you discover your faults faster. However, you must stay away from getting influenced by destructive criticism, and learn to differentiate between well-wishers who criticize you, and those who merely want to have fun at your expense. It is also necessary to define your standards – how much you think you can achieve, and by when. The secret to building self confidence is establishing more self-control over your thoughts and actions. Self control helps you build confidence in your capabilities and focus your actions on attaining what you wish to, and control your sub-conscious mind.

Reconditioning of the subconscious mind, and taking steps to improve self-image and confidence, helps you achieve your goals, live a happy life, and attract money, fame and success.

Tom Tallis is the author of this article on self confidence. Find more information On self improvement here.
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