Life Inside a Chaos Bubble

Posted by at 17 November, 2011, 8:45 pm

Life Inside a Chaos Bubble

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Home Page > Self Improvement > Stress Management > Life Inside a Chaos Bubble

Life Inside a Chaos Bubble

Posted: Nov 16, 2011 |Comments: 0



Recently I used the term the “Chaos Bubble.” It happened during a conversation in which I was describing how some people whose time is in such high demand actually become immune to the whirlwind of chaos surrounding them. So to properly define this new concept, a Chaos Bubble occurs when the heavy demands of your work and hectic lifestyle create a protective layer to the outside world and insulate you from the chaos.

I’m of course basing this off of several people I have met who have the “luxury” of experiencing this Chaos Bubble phenomenon. These people are in such high demand that their email and voice mail are consistently filled to capacity. Not a single new message can be received. Their phone rings but almost always results in a missed call due to a dead phone battery or because they’re in and out of meetings all day. Their secretaries or personal assistants are the gatekeepers. If you need input or an approval, your best bet is to get the message to their #2 or risk it bouncing off this Chaos Bubble never to be seen, heard or so much as acknowledged.


To reach such a threshold where chaos becomes a protection and no longer a threat, first takes going through many uncomfortable, and at times unbearable, levels of chaos. It’s fairly comparable to being in the eye or a hurricane. Outside of this inner circle a fierce storm of mayhem is constantly brewing, but inside all you experience is an eerie silence and false sense of calm. To get inside this eye, you may spend years being whipped by the winds and swirled around to the point of not knowing which end is up, but once you make it to the inner circle, the chaos spins around you—not within you.

For the most part, chaos is an unwelcome and heavily avoided part of life. But when the dinging and ringing of emails, iPads, cell phones and calendar reminders reach a high enough volume, they have the ability to create a white noise that cancels out their sounds all together—leaving just you and your thoughts inside your own Chaos Bubble.

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Stephanie is the Founder and CEO of Bennis Public Relations, Inc. A graduate of Penn State University, she holds degrees in both Public Relations & Advertising and Communications, Arts & Science. While still a senior in college, Stephanie began freelancing her skills through word of mouth recommendations. What started as a small side-business has since grown into Stephanie’s full-time career and passion. Read more about her at

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I want tips about time management during HSC board?how to work smarter ?
What time management problems affecting managers today? What techniques that could use to improve the situation
What are the place of time managment skill in modern learning researsh?explain it pz

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Stephanie is the Founder and CEO of Bennis Public Relations, Inc. A graduate of Penn State University, she holds degrees in both Public Relations & Advertising and Communications, Arts & Science. While still a senior in college, Stephanie began freelancing her skills through word of mouth recommendations. What started as a small side-business has since grown into Stephanie’s full-time career and passion. Read more about her at
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